Yoga EVO Elastic Strap for Stretching Review

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Maintaining yoga poses can be difficult at times, especially if you are new to this practice. Even devout yogis may find some of the more advanced positions challenging to pull off.

However, one way to make yoga easier is making use of a stretchy strap.

Regardless of your level of experience, an elastic yoga strap can provide useful support when it comes to posture and alignment.

There are many yoga straps in the market but it is important to select a high quality product that offers value for your money. One such model is the ten-loop Yoga Evo elastic strap.

The great thing about Yoga Evo is that they provide plenty of user support to help buyers make the most out of their new fitness accessory.

You can learn more about their product in the following Yoga Evo elastic strap for stretching review and make an informed buying decision.

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Features of the Yoga Evo Elastic Stretching Strap

The Yoga Evo Elastic Strap comes in a variety of colors, namely cherry red, samurai black and grape purple.

No matter what shade you prefer, this yoga strap delivers great performance. It was designed with functionality, durability and comfort in mind.

Here is a quick summary of the features to expect from Yoga Evo’s elastic stretching strap.

  • 10-loop yoga strap

Along the entire length of this yoga strap, there are 10 D-shaped loops. They make the strap very adaptable to different stretches. Unlike other yoga straps that use metal rings, this particular model is made entirely of fabric.

Therefore, it is easy on the hands and feet. The loops stretch to provide ample space for latching onto extremities when performing different stretches. With numerous ways to use the strap, you can stretch almost every major muscle group in different poses.

  • Strong yet soft fabric blend

Yoga Evo uses cotton, nylon and rubber thread as the fabric choice for their elastic yoga strap. This soft material does not pinch yet holds poses firmly. It’s reinforced with stitches as well to ensure that the rubber thread can expand and contract repeatedly without losing elasticity or tensile strength.

  • Exercise e-book and access to an online video library

You can begin to stretch as soon as you receive your Yoga Evo elastic strap since it comes with an instructional pamphlet containing simple start-up exercises.

Inside the booklet, you will also find details of Yoga Evo’s website and a password to login into their online learning platform. This will give you access to over 35 workout videos offering more than 120 minutes of professional training.

Is the Yoga Evo Elastic Stretching Strap Worth Buying?

This Evo elastic stretching strap is a good yoga prop since it offers good support to enhance alignment, form and balance.

Due to its elastic nature, this strap can serve other useful purposes.

For instance, you may opt to use it as a resistance band for muscle recovery, strengthening or toning workouts.

Alternatively, the strap may double up as a stretching aid for dance warm-ups.


  • Bundled with bonuses such as a zipped storage pouch, exercise booklet and access to free online workout videos
  • Material stretches to accommodate uses of any height
  • Soft yet strong fabric blend helps to boost comfort
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Backed by 5 year warranty
  • Multipurpose elastic stretching strap


  • Although a safer alternative to resistance cords, the Yoga Evo Elastic Strap still poses the risk of injury from backlash if not properly held during use. Luckily, Yoga Evo provides online videos that demonstrate different routines and how to use their stretching strap safely.

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The Yoga Evo elastic strap for stretching has been warmly received by majority of buyers.

Overall, it is a decent product and this is evident given the positive feedback and high approval ratings it has garnered online from users.

So, if you are looking for a quality yoga prop that other people can vouch for, then make sure to invest in this model.

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