Yoga Block and Strap Set Review

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Does the thought of doing yoga appeal to you, but you aren’t in the greatest physical shape?

If so, then you are going to want to give yoga blocks and yoga straps a try.

These two tools are aids that are designed to make it a lot easier for out of shape or injured people to get into yoga and do more complex poses.

In this review, you will find out if this Yoga Block and Strap Set by Ridgeway is worth your money.

Key Features of the Yoga Block and Strap Set

  • Comes with 2 yoga blocks, 2 yoga straps, 2 yoga pads, and a bag to store it all
  • Blocks are made of high-density foam for softness
  • Blocks don’t absorb odor or moisture
  • Yoga block and strap are versatile enough to be sued in different exercises

Is the Yoga Block and Strap Set Worth Your Money?

If you are confused as to how exactly this yoga block and strap would be useful for you, the answer is quite simple.

The blocks essentially act as supports that you can use to keep your balance.

For example, let’s say you have to do a pose that involves bending to your side and sticking one arm upwards and one pointing downwards.

Some people may have issues keeping this post, but a yoga block can help you keep your balance by letting you rest one of your hands on it.

Another example would be sitting on your knees, which some people struggle to do this for extended periods of time.

The yoga block can be placed to support your lower back and prevent soreness.

The same goes for the straps, which you can use to both aid you in doing yoga poses or make yoga a bit more rigorous by adding some more resistance to certain poses.

Both the yoga blocks are very well-made and definitely worth the small price that they cost.

The yoga blocks are soft, comfortable, and provide good support.

They also are made of foam, which prevents the blocks from absorbing sweat (and thus odor).

The same general comments apply to the yoga straps, which are similarly well-made.

Finally, you can easily use this entire set on the go thanks to a very convenient travel bag that comes with the kit.

Everything can easily be stored in the bag and you can take it out whenever you feel doing some yoga.

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