5 Tips for Women Who Want to Make Their Calves Smaller

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Are your calves bothering you?

Do you struggle to fit into knee-high boots, jeans and other items of clothing?

If you’re trying to make your calves smaller, here are some of the things which will help you along the way.

1) Find out whether you are overweight

It’s not difficult to know without even stepping on the scale whether or not you’re overweight.

If you have extra weight that you need to lose, start to work out how many calories you should have and look at a diet plan.

2) Focus on the overall problem

If you do need to lose weight, your calves will naturally get smaller as you lose some weight.

Rather than focusing on exercise routines which work only your calves, incorporate a healthy balance of diet and exercise into your lifestyle that will help you to see improvements in your entire body, not just your lower legs.

3) Stretch your calves before workouts

Before doing any form of exercise, you should stretch your calves for 15-20 seconds. You should also repeat this after you’ve finished doing your workout.

Most exercises use your legs in some form, and many of them use your legs more than any other part of your body, so it’s important that they are properly warmed up and down.

Stretching can help to lengthen your muscles (but not enough to increase your height significantly!).

4) Start running

Running is a great form of exercise, regardless of whereabouts on your body you’re trying to burn fat.

Belly fat will often be greatly reduced by running, which comes as a surprise to many people who are running in a bid to decrease the size of their legs.

However, with regular running sessions, you will start to see your legs becoming more toned and slim.

5) Remember your goal

Since your goal is to make your calves smaller (and this might not necessarily be fat – it could be large muscles), be careful not to start doing any exercises which are purposely designed to increase the size of your legs.

Working out on the machines at the gym which are for the legs will help you to tone up, but overdoing it could mean that you lose any excess fat but build further muscle.

5 Exercises for Toning Your Calves

Many people struggle to get the calves that they desire.

Some people have smaller calves than they want, some have larger calves than they want, some have big calves that lack the ideal definition.

If you’re here, my guess is that your calves are not as defined as you’d like them to be, whether they’re the right size, too small, or too large for your ideal. If this is the case, your problem isn’t going to be solved with exercise alone, you’ll also have to address your diet.

The key to having a toned look is to uncover the muscle to show the definition by losing the fat covering it.

You can not turn fat into muscle, but you can build your muscles and lose the fat covering them.

To uncover your muscles, you’ll have to lower your overall body fat percentage by eating fewer calories than you need.

Your body will get rid of the fat over time and you’ll have the toned calves you want.

Below are some helpful exercises to strengthen and build your calves while you’re working to uncover them.

Any exercise you do will also help you to burn more calories.

Weighted Calf Raises

A basic calf raise is where you stand up with your feet about hip width apart in a natural position. You will lift your heels off the ground several inches, shifting your weight to your toes.

Hold that position for a couple seconds, and then lower to the ground.

Repeat until your legs are fatigued. Weighted calf raises can be done using a barbell, dumbbells, or a calf raise machine to add resistance.

Seated Calf Raises

If you have access to a seated calf raise machine, it’s an excellent exercise. It’s like a standing calf raise, eccept for you are sitting and using your calves to lift a weighted bar.

Vertical Leg Press Machine Toe Presses

If you have access to a vertical leg press machine, you can use it to do toe presses. You will just place your feet on the vertical leg press and push forward with your toes to press the weight.

This will help you build strong calves.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope will help you strengthen your calves, ankles, and cardiovascular system.

It’s easy to do and convenient.

Stair Stretch or Heel Drop Stretch

Stretching your calves will keep your muscles long and lean, and prevent muscle knotting.

This is just as important as strengthening your muscles. To do a heel drop stretch, stand with your toes on the edge of a step or curb.

Slowly drop your heel down while keeping your toe on the step.

You will feel a stretch through your calf.

The exercises above will help you build strong calf muscles, but to get the toned look you want, you’ll have to lower your overall body fat percentage so that you can uncover your muscle.

Use a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine to help you stay in a calorie deficit so you can lose weight and reach your goals of sexy, toned, calves and body.

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