“Who’s the New Kid?: How an Ordinary Mom Helped Her Daughter Overcome Childhood Obesity – and You Can Too!” by Heidi Bond Review

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When Breanna Bond was 9 years old, she weighed an incredible 186 pounds. In the face of a child who was quickly becoming morbidly obese with no signs of help, her mother Heidi took on the challenge of saving her daughter from a life of pain and difficulties. Childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic, and so many parents are desperate for a solution. Who’s the New Kid is Heidi and Breanna’s inspirational story, and how they managed to overcome Breanna’s weight problems with practical, consistent solutions.

Is “Who’s the New Kid” Worth Buying?

Childhood obesity is fast becoming the number one issue affecting children today, and yet there seems to be little by way of practical solutions. Unfortunately, many of the proposed solutions available to concerned parents are in the form of quick fixes and silver bullet solutions that work on a short term basis but are not long lasting.

Who’s the New Kid is quite the opposite. It does not claim to be a miracle cure to childhood obesity, but rather a frank and honest tale of one family’s struggles, and how they eventually won the battle.

What is most engaging about this book is the honesty of the story. Heidi doesn’t shy away from the issues that caused Breanna’s weight to increase so quickly, and nor does she imply that there is a simple solution that will fix the problem overnight. Rather, she openly discusses the problems they faced, and how the real breakthrough happened with the realisation that this was an issue for the family to deal with, and not just Breanna’s problem alone.

There are no secrets in this book, simply common sense. Regular exercise (for the whole family, not just Breanna) opened the door for more social activities for Breanna. Similarly, changing the family diet plan to one of healthy eating and planned meals formed the basis of the transformation.

Heidi is a deeply spiritual woman, and she does not hesitate to discuss this in the book, but she does not claim that her faith helped with her daughter’s weight problems.

She merely uses it to tell her story in full. While Who’s the New Kid includes a full 40 day diet plan that parents can adopt, this isn’t a diet book per se. It is a heart-warming and inspirational story of how one mother took it upon herself to make the necessary changes to save her daughter. In this way, it is more powerful than any simple diet book can ever be.

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