What is a Wall Sit and How Do You Do Them?

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If you’re looking for an exercise that will strengthen your legs and core without having to have the equipment, wall sits might be a great choice.

Wall sits promote strength, balance, and can be calming.

They can be done normally, or you can add variations to them.

If you’re not doing wall sits currently, it’s worth giving them a try to see if you like them and if you get the results you want from them.

Benefits of Wall Sits

  • They can help strengthen your legs, especially your quads.
  • They can help strengthen your glutes.
  • They can help strengthen your core muscles.
  • They can help your posture.
  • They can help reduce stress.

Wall sits primarily strengthen your quadriceps muscles, also known as quads.

They’re an isometric exercise that fatigues the quads, forcing them to strengthen after recovery.

If you contract your glutes while performing the wall sit, then it will also strengthen your glutes.

If you hold your core muscles tight, wall sites can strengthen your core and help improve your posture.

If you practice controlled breathing, wall sits can also help you reduce your stress levels while strengthening your body.

Wall sits can be paired with meditation to help with stress relief.

Wall sits seem like simple exercises, but they provide many benefits.

How to Perform Wall Sits

Wall sits are an easy exercise to perform, and once you get the hang of them you can try some different variations of wall sits.

If you want to know how to do a wall sit, the best thing to do is picture yourself sitting in an imaginary chair.

Once you’ve imagined sitting upright in a chair, imagine that your back is flat against a wall and the chair has disappeared.

The picture you now have in your mind is a picture of yourself doing wall sits.

A basic wall sit is performed by pressing your back firmly against a wall with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

Your feet will be planted firmly on the floor, shoulder length apart to support your body weight.

You will hold your core tight, and contract your leg muscles, including your glutes.

You will hold this position for as long as you can.

This is the basic wall sit.

If you want to help reduce your stress levels you can practice controlled breathing while performing wall sits.

You can also meditate, repeat mantras, or listen to calming music or sounds.

Wall sits are meant to build strength, however, they’re perfect to do as a calming exercise at the end or beginning of your day.

There are also several variations of wall sits that you can try.

You can use dumbbells in along with the wall sits.

You can hold them straight out in front of you while you’re in the sitting position, you can use them to do presses while you’re sitting, or you can alternate between the two.

You can use a kettlebell to do presses with or sit on top of your legs to add some difficulty.

You can also use only one leg on the floor instead of two and alternate them.

No matter what variation you try, you’ll be increasing your leg and core strength while reducing your stress levels.

Wall sits are an excellent exercise to try if you’re not doing them already. Use them to add variety to your fitness routine or add them to your regular rotation.

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