What Are Walking Lunges and How Do You Do Them?

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Sometimes it’s nice to add variety to our workouts, and lunges are an excellent exercise to add to your fitness routine if you’re not already doing them.

There are two types of lunges, stationary lunges and walking lunges.

Both types of lunges have many benefits, however, there are additional benefits that walking lunges can provide that stationary lunges don’t.

Walking lunges can help build strength, but they can also help you improve your balance and stability.

Below you’ll learn about all of the benefits of walking lunges and how to do them properly.

Benefits of Walking Lungs

  • Increased leg strength.
  • Increased core strength.
  • Toned legs and butt.
  • Improved balance and stability.
  • Improved muscle functionality and posture.
  • Improved hip flexion.

How to Properly Perform Walking Lunges

Walking lunges are a variation on regular or stationary lunges.

They can be done with only body weight or with a variety of different weights.

To add weight you can hold a dumbbell or kettlebell in each hand as you perform your lunges.

You can also add weight using a barbell with weights or a straight weighted curl bar across your shoulders.

Each of these types of weights will help you add resistance in order to strengthen your leg muscles.

They will also help you to strengthen your core and back muscles.

You can start with body weight only and then work your way up in weight so that you gradually challenge your body or you can randomly vary the weight you use so that your workouts vary and are more interesting.

When you’re ready to perform a lunge, you start by holding the barbell across your shoulders or by holding the dumbbells or kettlebells in your hands.

Once you have the weight balanced, start by taking a step forward with one foot while bending the knee of that leg and lunging forward.

As you lunge forward you will bring the knee of the back leg down toward the ground till it reaches almost all the way to the floor.

You will need to do this while holding your core muscles tight to stabilize your back.

You will feel a stretch through your legs and hips.

Next, you will begin coming up from the lunge and go into a new one.

Start by bringing your back leg up and forward while using it to step forward into the next lunge.

You will perform this lunge just like the last one.

Continue stepping forward and performing lunges the distance of the space you have.

Once you reach the end of your workout space, you can turn around and continue your walking lunges.

You can choose to do lunges until you can’t do anymore, or you can do them in sets by resting after you have done as many as you can, but then starting again after a rest.

Walking lunges are easy to perform exercises that can help you strengthen your legs, back, and core.

They can also help with your balance, stability, and hip flexion.

They are great exercises to use for functional training because they require your leg, back, core, and hips to work together to form the movement.

Are you ready to give walking lunges a try?

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