Under Armour UP3 by Jawbone Review

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Your health is your most important and useful asset. Therefore, getting first-hand, reliable health data is paramount if you want to keep fit for a long time. To help you get started, let’s take a closer look at the Under Armour UP3 and the things this device can do for you.

Decent Performance

The Under Armour UP3 is a decent fitness tracker that you can use right away. Did I say the Under Armour UP3 looks gorgeous too?

Yes, it is a beautiful item suitable for any fashionista out there.

The Under Armour UP3 is all about making your activity tracking truly simple as the device can track your passive and active heart rate along with what’s happening at various stages of sleep, advanced details of your workouts, calories burned, and nutrient intake.

Big Picture

The Under Armour UP3 will give you the big picture of almost everything you need to know about your health at one glance.

The tracker monitors your heart rate all day long and making healthy choices is also easy with Smart Coach, which is an app that provides tons of personalized, useful insights throughout the day.

Sleep Quality

The Under Armour UP3 will allow you to learn even more about how you sleep in different states (i.e. deep, light, and REM).

The tracker will log all your actions automatically, which makes the devices smarter over time as it gathers more data from your sleep patterns.


  • The Under Armour UP3 allows you to connect with your family and friends so you can get to the next level quicker than ever.
  • You will know how you are just measuring up on the important leaderboard too.
  • Users will get all the free updates they need right away.
  • The Under Armour UP3 also has a huge battery life as it can last up for up 7 days without needing a re-charge.
  • Getting an idea of your overall sleep patterns is easy with the Under Armour UP3 around you.


  • The Under Armour UP3’s customer service might not be reliable.

As you can see, the Under Armour UP3 is here to stay for a long time. With decent performance and reliable data, Under Armour UP3 is what the doctor ordered.

Getting reliable information on your health and sleep patterns has never been easier thanks to the Under Armour UP3 too. So what are you waiting for? Get the fitness tracker right now and have fun right away.

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