Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station Review

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Many people want to get fit, lose weight, gain strength and carve a sexy physique, but are unwilling to join a gym.

It may be that they dislike the gym atmosphere, there may not be a gym close by or it is simply not economical to sign up for a yearly membership.

Others just enjoy working out by themselves.

This leaves a second option: Working out from home. Home workouts offer the benefits of the gym, without the expense, commitment and pressure.

The only downside is that to experience full body workout you’ll eventually need exercise equipment.

This brings its own problem.

Home gym equipment can be expensive, or there may not be enough space to put it.

Investing in a treadmill is one thing, but heavy weights, benches and other equipment can quickly take over your whole house.

Fortunately, many exercises can be used to great effect with minimal equipment.

You can achieve the same results using bodyweight only.

Squats and lunges to work the lower body, and pull-ups, push ups, rows and dips to work the upper.

For this you hardly need anything, just a pull-bar, but you will also need something to do dips and rows on.

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station is a collapsible fitness device that allows you to do bodyweight dips and rows in any location in your home.

Its simple construction pushes together in minutes, and collapses down flat for easy storage.

Dips and rows are a balanced way to target the upper body for strength and muscle growth.

The design allows the user to do dips, weighted dips and inverted rows, meaning you lay horizontal below it, and use the bars to pull your chest upwards.

Incremental Exercise for Progression

The art of improvement relies on incremental increases in resistance to keep the exercise challenging, and encourage hypertrophy in muscle.

Weight can be added with the use of a weighted vest, dip belt, or the weight can be held between the legs, on the chest or lap.

The Ultimate Body Press has the following features

Pass through design

The unique design is in one continuous bar, and does not have cross sections.

This allows you to slide beneath to use the same bar for inverted rows.

3ft tall

The Ultimate Body Press is high enough for users up to 6ft 5 inches to safely dip (with knees bent) without touching the floor on the down motion.

Thick walled steel

The device is light weight enough to carry, but has thick walls on the hollow tube, giving extra strength with little chance of bending and denting.

Leveling feet

The design allows the Ultimate Body Press to be used on sloping surfaces and uneven flooring as the feet can be simply twisted to adjust in height.

Easy assembly

The Ultimate Body Press does not require tools and simply snaps together, each piece being color coded to the next.

Adjustable width

This is important as everyone has different body shapes. Those with a wider girth will want to adjust.


There are a lot of choices out there for portable dip bars. Most of them basic and fairly cumbersome.

The advantage to Ultimate Body Press Dip bar is that they are easily folded and stored, high quality construction, and self leveling.

Recommended buy.

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