TRX Training – Suspension Trainer Basic Kit + Door Anchor Review

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The TRX (Travel X) Training Suspension Trainer is an innovative workout device that enables full body conditioning and stability workouts.

The kit consists of a training strap and door anchor that can be suspended easily from any door or other anchor point.

The suspension trainer allows adjustable intensity for bodyweight exercise.

Notable features:

Burn fat or build strength

TRX can be used for cardio, for strength, for endurance, and for flexibility. Depending on your fitness goal.

Any fitness level

Regardless of your fitness level or objective, the TRX suspension trainer can be used.

Simply by changing body angle with whichever exercise you choose, intensity can be changed.

For example, for a beginner chest push, the user would stand in a more upright position, and would lean over the more advanced they become.

Full body exercise

The TRX suspension trainer can work any muscle group and can be adapted to use with almost every exercise.

Workout almost anywhere, any time

If you can find a door or tree branch, exposed rafters, open stairs, etc., you can secure your suspension trainer.

It is also very light and portable, can be folded and put into most bags and luggage, or even your pocket.

Fast setup

TRX claims to be able to setup within 60 seconds.

This is certainly true, in fact you could probably do it quicker.

It’s simply a case of clipping the suspension trainer loop to a hook that can be wrapped around an object, or using the door anchor.

The TRX Suspension Trainer Basic Kit includes:

TRX Suspension Training Strap

This is the heart of the system.

The suspension strap can be quickly clipped to the TRX door anchor or suspension anchor.

The suspension training strap divides into two handles that resemble stirrups.

They can be quickly adjusted to user height and different exercises.

TRX Door Anchor

This small device is made of soft canvas. It simply slips over the top of any internal door.

One side of the “anchor” is a bulky pad, and the other is a simple loop.

Once hung over the door, the door is closed leaving the loop exposed.

The pad prevents the loop from pulling through, leaving a super strong hook to hang your suspension trainer from.

The benefit here is that you do not need to drill holes in the wall or ceiling.

No need to bolt potentially unsafe anchor loops anywhere in your home, the TRX door anchor can easily be put in place for each workout, and the soft material will not scratch or damage your door or frame.

TRX Suspension Anchor

The suspension anchor is a clip and loop that can be tied around anything strong enough to hang the suspension trainer.

For example, it could be tied around the top of a squat cage, a pull-up bar, a wall or ceiling hook or even a tree branch.

It just loops through itself and pulls tight, leaving a loop to anchor the rest of the suspension trainer.

TRX Workout Guide

The suspension trainer comes bundled with a 35 page full-color workout guide so you can get started within minutes of opening the package.

Two bonus workouts are also included.

Use this guide to get started, and be sure to check out the myriad of free TRX exercises and workout routines on YouTube for a bit more motivation.

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