Total Gym 1400 Review

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The Total Gym?

Is it really possible to have a single piece of equipment that can train the whole body?

Something that can replace dumbbells, barbells, squat racks, cardio machines and dip station, and can be folded up small enough to fit in the wardrobe?

The Total Gym is designed for people who desire to get fit, build functional strength, and complete a relatively easy workout with only one machine.

It is for those who would like to use workout equipment in their home,  and do not want many different items of exercise equipment taking up too much space.

Features of the Total Gym 1400

Full body workout within 20 minutes. Each recommended workout lasts between 10 and 20 minutes.

The Total Gym 1400 provides a functional, full body workout each session.

Any fitness level, any age

Due to the design of the Total Gym 1400, the weight of the body is fully supported by the structure.

No excess force is produced on the body, the bones or the ligaments.

The size of the unit also adjusts to incorporate any body size or shape below 250 lbs.

This makes it suitable for any age group, “from 8 to 80.”

Upper and lower body workout

Multiple exercises and positions for each muscle group can be practiced.

Pulley cables are utilized for push and pull movements, and the base plate for squat like movements.

Over 60 exercises

A vast array of exercises can be performed for stretching, cardio, strength and functional, all on one machine.  Video explanations and demonstrations of each exercise are available for free on the Total Gym website, grouped into abs, arms, back, chest, legs, shoulders, and total body exercises and routines.

Offers 8 levels of resistance

Although this machine relies on your bodyweight for exercise, you are not stuck at one resistance level.

The gradient of the machine can be adjusted in 8 stages, by simply removing a pin and replaced at desired height.

With this you are able to incrementally increase resistance for better progression, to keep challenging the body and keeping workouts fresh.

Total Gym 1400 Positives

The Total Gym is the original full body workout equipment.

It does what it claims to do

Offer a full body workout, utilizing multiple exercises and accessories with variable resistance, using only your body weight.

Cardio, strength training, stretching and functional fitness can be obtained with one single unit that can be folded flat enough to be stored easily.

Stands the test of time

Body Gym has been around for a long time. Many buyers mention how they have been using their body Gym as their main workout and only piece of equipment, some of them for decades, and have enjoyed the benefits.

All in one.

The Body Gym offers the same benefits as free weights, cardio machines, and a multi gym, but all in one unit.

Possible Negatives

No substitute for strength training or bodybuilding.

Some buyers do complain that they can’t get the same results as using heavy free weights, so it’s not really possible to gain body mass or muscle hypertrophy.

This is understandable, the Total Gym 1400 was never designed or marketed for such a purpose.

It is more of a fitness and muscle toning device then bodybuilding equipment.

Rollers arrive broken

In rare cases,  the equipment arrives with broken ‘rollers’.

The rollers are a vital part of the equipment, allowing free movement of the seat/bench.

This appears to happen if the package has been dropped during dispatch, and not during actual use.


If you are in the market for gym equipment that can train your whole body, is of high quality construction, won’t take up too much space in your home, and has been proven over the years to be very effective, then the Total Gym 1400 is perfectly suitable.

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