Top 5 Jump Ropes Comparison Review

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Rope jumping can be a fun cardio workout with lots of health benefits. This activity will increase your stamina, improve footwork coordination, enhance breathing efficiency and even build shoulder endurance. However, you will need to invest in a good jump rope to reap these benefits.

There are many different types and styles of jump ropes on the market today. Sorting through all the choices can be daunting. Therefore, this guide will provide the right information to make the buying process easier. To that end, here is a top 5 jump ropes comparison review about some of the bestselling models on the market.

1) King Athletic Jump Rope

King Athletic jump ropes come in three different styles. The speed jump rope is very lightweight, making it perfect for double-unders, criss crosses, and other skipping rope routines that require high speed movements. This model is made of 3M PVC material. It also features foam handles just like the King Athletic Leather Jump Rope. Each of these models measure 9ft 4inches in length. The third 10-foot cable jump rope is made of tightly woven steel wires and it has polypropylene (PP) hand grips. Users can cut any of these jump ropes or push some of the excess rope inside the hollow handles to adjust the length for their heights.

To ensure smooth and easy rotation, King Athletic uses ball bearings to attach their ropes onto each handle. An added bonus of buying King Athletic skipping ropes is that you will also get two free e-books with rich content on nutrition as well as rope jumping techniques for speed, stamina and strength workouts.


  • King Athletic’s leather and PVC speed jump ropes have comfortable foam grips
  • All ropes can be adjusted in length
  • Ball bearings help to enhance speed of rope rotation
  • Multiple jump rope designs cater for different fitness enthusiast
  • Free e-book sent via email
  • Comes with lifetime guarantee


  • Caps on the handle are tricky to remove and require a knife to open

2) Master of Muscle Jump Rope

This Master of Muscle fitness product is another cable jump rope crafted from lightweight intertwined wires. However, it is wrapped around a protective coating of thermoplastic polyurethane material. For ultra-fast spinning, the rope attaches at a perpendicular angle to the easy-grip plastic handles. Master of Muscle provides a screw kit for securing the rope cable to the handles. Their skipping rope measures 9.5ft in length. It is long enough for individuals who are over 6ft tall but the rope can be cut to accommodate any height.

In addition to the rope and screw kit, buyers also get a carry pouch, rubber sleeve rope protector, extra cable, and a downloadable PDF exercise book with helpful tips. The short rubber sleeve threads onto the rope on the part that hits the ground to increase longevity when skipping on rough ground.


  • Free replacement if your jump rope is delivered with a manufacturer defect
  • 90-degree rope-handle design allows for fast turns, thus eliminating rope kinking and tangling
  • Comes with extra bonus items such as a carry bag, screw kit, workout e-book , spare cable and outdoor cable protector
  • Lightweight design


  • Wire cutter needed to adjust rope length not included
  • Some users claim that the rubber cable protector slows down spinning speed. On the plus side, this accessory is removable.

3) Limm Jump Rope

If you are looking for a true speed jump rope, this model from Limm makes a good pick. Made from PVC material, the rope is very lightweight. It is adjustable down from 10ft to your desired length. Although you can cut off excess rope, the hollow handles allow you to tuck in a bit of rope in case there is a need to re-lengthen it in future. Unlike cable jump ropes, this PVC model is not too thick or rigid. As a result, it is easy to store and carry in your gym bag.

One of the bestselling points of the Limm jump rope is the comfortable foam design for the handles. The handles are made of EVA elastic polymer with a nice rubbery feel. What’s more, grooves on the handle naturally accommodate your fingers.


  • Ball bearings allow rope to turn swiftly and smoothly
  • Ergonomic and comfortable foam handles
  • Appealing red/black color scheme
  • Comes with exercise e-book
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable rope length


  • Only available in one color
  • Cutting apparatus for adjusting rope length not included in the package

4) WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

With their bright colored finishing, WOD Nation jump ropes will no doubt capture anyone’s attention. However, there is more to these jump ropes other than their aesthetically pleasing designs. For instance, WOD Nation skipping ropes won’t disappoint you when it comes to functionality and durability. These 10-foot steel rope cables are lightweight yet strong. A protective layer of nylon covers the ropes for added strength. You can adjust the length using a wire cutter to customize the jump rope to your height.

For the handle design, WOD Nation jump ropes feature metal swivel bearings to ensure fast swinging. As for the hand grips, they are made of hard plastic and finished with a non-slip nylon resin. A free carry bag, spare cable, and extra bolts are also included in the package.


  • Your purchase of the WOD Nation speed jump rope will be backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • The patented 4-bearing system facilitates fast rope rotation
  • Ballistic nylon resin handles allow for a comfortable grip
  • Bundled with extra accessories
  • Available in 9 color choices
  • Adjustable rope length


  • You will have to buy the wire cutter for adjusting rope length separately

5) Survival and Cross Jump Rope

Much like the Master of Muscle jump rope, the Survival and Cross skipping rope connects to the handles at a right angle. Spherical bearings eliminate any whip or lash at the handles to allow for smooth turns. Another similarity between these two jump ropes is that they are both made of cable wire. However, the Survival and Cross jump rope features a vinyl coating. This 6-gauge rope is also much longer, measuring up to 10-feet. The rope is fully adjustable to any height when you cut off excess length.

For the handles, Survival and Cross jump ropes feature textured plastic. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about accidentally letting go of the rope due to slippery or sweaty hands.


  • Cable jump rope is fully adjustable
  • Comes with exercise manual as an e-book
  • Textured plastic handles provide a firm grip
  • Built for speed thanks to ball bearings and right angle cable/handle configuration


  • Limited color options
  • Tools for cutting the jump rope not provided

Bottom Line

Choosing a jump rope does not have to be a difficult affair. With the 5 top rated jump ropes listed above, you can narrow down your options to a few quality models from reputable brands. Keep in mind though that the best jump rope is the one that meets your fitness needs. It is important to establish what you need in a jump rope in order to make the right choice. This can be anything from comfortable handles and adjustable rope length, to durable materials or mechanisms that facilitate fast rope turn. Whatever your preferences may be, make an informed choice by reading feedback from buyer reviews about the jump ropes you intend to buy.

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