Top 5 Fitness Belts Comparison Review

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After investing in a good pair of running shoes and the right clothing to wear in different weather conditions, you might think you’re all set to enjoy your regular jogs outdoors.

However, your gear is not complete if you haven’t gotten yourself a running belt. This accessory has become increasingly popular among running enthusiasts in the past few years – and with good reason.

A running belt or pouch allows you to carry personal valuables such as car keys, ID card, and cell phone while you’re running. Jumpers or hoodies with pockets used to be the standard when it comes to carrying essential times while jogging, but not anymore.

Running belts are much lighter and save users from having to wear heavy clothing when running. But while these accessories offer a great deal of convenience, you still have to know how to choose the best ones.

There are many running belts and pouches on the market these days, making it tricky to know which brand to buy. When shopping for these accessories, there’s also a lot to consider such as comfort, size, adjustability, bulkiness or lack thereof, as well as number and arrangement of pockets. To help you make an informed buying decision, the following review will compare five of the top rated fitness belts on the market.

1) LP Running Flip Fitness Workout Belt

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Designed to wear around the waist, the LP running fitness workout belt is a convenient hands-free pouch for carrying all your valuables when going for runs. It has two partitioned pockets: one for storing a 4.7-inch screen phone or smaller handheld devices, and the other for stashing your energy bar, gel packs, keys, cash, wallet, or any other essential items you may need for your workout.

The phone pocket has a transparent plastic covering making it possible to answer calls, open incoming texts, or change the playlist, without taking out your phone. In addition, you can thread headphone wires through the small multi-function access hole located on the phone compartment.

Other notable design features of this fitness accessory include an adjustable buckle, the water-resistant material, and reflective straps that keep you visible when running in the dark. The only drawback of LP’s running flip fitness belt is that it only comes in green, which can be disappointing for buyers who want more color options to match with their workout gear.

2) FlipBelt

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This running pouch from Level Train is simple in design yet stylish. There are up to nine shades on offer and you can select from categories such as small, medium, or large depending on the size of your waist.

The FlipBelt features a sleek, tubular design, making it ideal for those who want a fashionable fitness accessory. It’s made of a stretchy polyester-lycra material. The belt is devoid of fasteners, so you just slip it over your head then pull it down around your waist. Although the material is not waterproof, it does feel very comfortable, does not budge due to its elastic nature, and features high quality Micropoly fabric double stitching for added durability. Best of all, this running belt can be very discrete if you choose to pull clothing over it.

The FlipBelt has four zippered openings on the front and back that let you easily tuck in your fitness essentials. If you choose to jog in low light conditions, the belt’s 3M reflective logo will ensure you are visible to other motorists.

3) MoKo Sports Running Waist Pack

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In contrast to Level Train’s FlipBelt, MoKo’s running waist pack comes with a dual adjustable buckle system. These buckles allow wearers to adjust the waist strap from 31-inches to a maximum of 38.2-inches. A few similarities between these two running belt models include their stretchy fabric, tubular shape, and the fact that both belts lack an opening for earphones or clear view transparent section for engaging with a Smartphone’s touch screen.

The MoKo Sports running waist pack is waterproof. It will keep your MP3 player, phone, credit cards, and other valuables dry thanks to the narrow rubber-like liner on the surface.

Another feature built into the belt is the reflective strip. This strip is visible around the zippers, making it safe for runners to enjoy their jogs in low light conditions. Buyers will also appreciate the fact that this running belt comes with separate zippered pockets that make it easy to keep items organized. The pockets are both the same in size. They stretch and conform to larger items and the manufacturer claims that you can fit cell phones and other handheld devices of up to 6 inches.

Many buyers will find the MoKo Sport running waist pack appealing since it is lightweight, slim and comes in several color choices, including plain shades and a couple of stylish army-style camouflage designs.

4) Running Buddy XL

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Running Buddy’s XL jogging pouch is perhaps one of the more distinct choices in this comparison review. Its uniqueness lies in the design because unlike the other running belts featured in the list, this particular model resembles a pouch. There is no belt to secure it around your waist. Instead, Running Buddy equipped the XL pouch with strong magnets to secure it on any waistband, a nifty feature that saw this running accessory win the 2015 International Travel Show Product Innovation Award. The magnets provide a firm bounce free hold and they do not interfere with cell or GPS signal.

Designed to mimic a bi-fold wallet, the Running Buddy XL pouch can carry Smartphones as big as the iPhone 6 Plus. There is only one pocket, which features a zippered headphone port to the side. This running pouch is also water resistant, so your running essentials will be kept rain and sweat free.

The Running Buddy XL pouch does not have any high visibility features like most jogging waist packs do. Therefore, runners who like to go for jogs before dawn or at night might want to wear reflective clothing that keeps them visible to motorists.

5) Running Belt Waist Pack

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The EOTW running waist bag shares a similar design with LP’s flip fitness workout belt. It also has two pockets, with one compartment featuring the transparent window that allows you to interact with your Smartphone’s touch screen. Unlike its counterpart, this running belt comes in three different color choices.

Separate zippered compartments make it possible to keep your phone away from keys and any other objects that may scratch it. The phone pocket features a small hole where your earphone wires can easily pass through. What’s more, this pocket can either fit a 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch screen cell phone depending on the chosen running belt model.

At full stretch, the EOTW running belt can fit anyone with a waistline of 43-inches. It also comes with an additional extender strap for people with a larger waist of up to 62-inches. Everything remains in place without bouncing around even during runs thanks to the belt’s strong elastic waistband.

Weighing only 136g, the EOTW running waist bag features a lightweight design. It is made of a spandex-lycra blend fabric, which is resistant to water and sweat. Add this feature to the reflective magnetic strip that glows in low light, and you have a running waist bag that’s perfect to use outdoors in any condition.

Which Running Belt or Pouch Should You Choose?

Running belts and pouches come in many different styles and colors. However, don’t be swayed into choosing any particular design just because it looks more stylish or fancy. Choose a jogging waist pack that will meet your specific running conditions.

For instance, some running belts have reflective stripes that make them a good choice if you often run when it is dark outside.

Other designs are waterproof, making them ideal to use when jogging in snowy or rainy conditions. Before making a purchase, think about when and where you will be jogging as well as what you need to carry with you during workouts.

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