Top 5 Cycling Helmets Compared

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Picking the right bicycle helmet can be a daunting task. In fact, it’s not easy at all since there are dozens of brands and designs from which to choose. Fortunately, the top 5 cycling helmets compared in this review will narrow down your list to some of the best inexpensive models currently available on the market.

#1: Giro Revel Helmet

First on the list is this low-priced Giro helmet. Giro makes a wide range of helmets for cyclers, and this model is one of the brand’s most reasonably priced offering. The Revel is made of an in-mold polycarbonate structure, which supports the area around the ribs and vents. This creates a strong, single-piece exoskeleton that has been designed to last. What’s more, the inside features EPS foam liners for added comfort.

The Giro Revel helmet does a good job at cooling your head by allowing air to pass through a series of 22 vents. It has an awesome acu-dial adjustment system that allows for easy single hand use. A full-fit band keeps the helmet secure on your head. There’s also a snap-fit visor to protect your eyes from glare and it can be removed when not required.

As an added bonus, the Giro Revel is available in more than a dozen color choices, which means you can select one that complements your cycling apparel or bike.

• Pros
Low price tag, CPCS certified, well-ventilated, lightweight, strong, good for hot and cold days, and available in more than a dozen color options.

• Cons
Only one size available and straps might make an entangled mess.

#2: Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet

The Critical Cycles Classic Commuter bike and skate helmet might not be as stylish as the Giro Revel, but it still provides ample head protection. Its round shape makes it look almost like an army hat and comes with 11 vents to keep your head cool when it’s hot. And unlike other multi-vented designs, the helmet will cover most of your skull.

The inner lining is made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) while the exterior structure is forged from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material. This unique construction absorbs much of the shock during hard falls.

This helmet is designed in a variety of mate colors to suite different tastes. It also has a nice chinstrap with side-release buckle for easy adjustments.

• Pros
CPCS approved, ventilated interior with DewCollector padding, available in several color and size options.

• Cons
The only major complaint from buyers is that the helmet might not fit if you select the wrong size.

#3: Lixada Bicycle Helmet

With their colorful designs, the Lixada bicycle helmets feature an attractive style. But these cycling helmets have a lot more to offer than good looks. For starters, the outer shell facilitates ample airflow to your head thanks to 21 in-built ventilation holes. Lixada also doesn’t compromise on comfort as this line of helmets features soft, sweat absorbent, antibacterial removable pads on the interior, and you’ll love the inner net that keeps bugs out of your helmet.

Furthermore, these EPS bicycle helmets are also ultra-lightweight and have an innovative rotary internal regulator that adjusts to the head size of each wearer. Their chinstraps have mount spots on the back and sides to ensure a secure fit.

• Pros
Leaves no sweat running down your face, provides good air flow, soft padded interior, removable fly net and pads allow for easy cleaning, colorful design, adjustable straps, equipped with eye visor.

• Cons
There are no major flaws with this helmet, although some people have found that the adjustment knobs lacked quality.

#4: Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet

This is the priciest helmet on the list going for well over $100. The Giro Air Attack Shield features a hard in-mold polycarbonate outer shell, comfortable EPS liner, removable X-static padding, and unique styling in 10 color options.

What stands out the most about this helmet is the addition of optical shields with magnetic attachments. The optical shields eliminate the need for shades and give this helmet its stylish appeal.

Featuring a wind tunnel-aided design, Giro’s Air Attack Shield will keep your head well ventilated. The airflow is rather impressive considering the few vents that this helmet has.

• Pros
Cool design, flap-away optical shields, properly ventilated, and can be worn with prescription glasses.

• Cons
The magnets controlling movement of optical shields tend to fall off. However, this is avoidable with just a little superglue.

#5: Schwinn Adult Thrasher Helmet

It’s easy to mistake this helmet for one of the pricier models. However, at less than $100, the Schwinn Adult Thrasher is not the priciest helmet on this list. The biggest highlight on this model is the rear LED light, which makes it easy for oncoming motorists to see you on the road when it’s dark.

As with most helmets, this model also comes with a snap on visor, adjustment straps, and ventilation holes (20 airflow slots to be precise).

When it comes to the helmet’s design, you’ll be pleased to note that it features a nice aerodynamic teardrop form. Long ventilation slots on the exterior further add to the unique styling of this helmet.

• Pros
Well-ventilated, designed to reduce aerodynamic drag, and equipped with a rear LED safety light.

• Cons
The LED back-light will not turn on if the batteries are not in place or run out of charge.


When choosing a bicycle helmet, it can be hard to find one that’s affordable, comfortable, well-fitting, and designed to offer excellent aerodynamic performance. The top five cycling helmets compared in this guide can help you strike the perfect balance between these four critical aspects.

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