Top 5 Ab Wheels Comparison Review

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Ab wheels have been around for decades, but they have experienced something of a revival in recent years. With a growing focus on abdominal muscles and core strength building, ab wheels have become a staple of many people’s workout regimes.

Ab wheels are simple by design; most consist of a thick wheel with a bar going through the centre that acts as handles.

While it might seem like there would be little difference between different brands, there is a range of ab wheels available and some are distinctly better than others.

Common issues that you must consider are the comfort of the handles, the smoothness of the wheel and the overall balance of the device. With that in mind, let’s look at five of the most popular ab wheels on the market today.

Valeo VA2413RE Dual Ab Wheel – Black/Red

The cheapest ab wheel in this review comes from Valeo.

The VA2413RE is simple in its design. It uses two wheels side by side rather than the traditional one wheel design.

This approach is a common one used to increase the balance and stability of the ab wheel. The handles are ridged for comfort and provide a decent level of grip from the outset.

The Valeo VA2413RE is simple to assemble and is reasonably smooth to use.

It is far from the most comfortable ab wheel to use but is a cheap and simple option for those looking for a basic introduction to ab wheels. This is a no frills, no fuss ab wheel which is perfectly functional.

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Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System by Iron Gym, Abdominal Roller Wheel

Next up is the Speed Abs Roller Wheel by Iron Gym.

Unlike the Valeo, the Speed Abs Wheel uses a steel coil to provide resistance when being rolled out and no resistance when being rolled back in.

This helps to boost the benefit that users get when exercising with the ab wheel. The handles have been ergonomically designed to provide a superior grip, meaning the chances of hand strain or fatigue are reduced.

This should all add up to a fantastic ab wheel, but unfortunately, the Speed Abs Roller Wheel is let down by its reliability.

Some users have complained that the resistance coil in the wheel broke after only moderate use. While the Speed Abs Wheel might be fantastic when it works, it shouldn’t be anyone’s first choice unless they are willing to take a risk on its reliability.

Fitnessery® Get Abs and Lose Weight – Ab Roller

The Fitnessery Ab Roller is a one wheel ab roller designed with simplicity in mind.

Easy to construct, this ab wheel has comfortable handle grips made from a non-slip rubber which provides a level of security in addition to its comfort.

However, what sets the Fitnessery Ab Roller apart from its peers is the additional bonus features included.

In addition to the ab wheel, buyers will receive a high-quality knee pad, an eBook about how to lose belly fat and an Ultimate Abs eBook.

On top of this, Fitnessery offers a 24-month money-back guarantee. This all adds up to one hell of a package.

Elite Sportz Equipment Toning Ab Wheel

The Toning Ab Wheel by Elite Sportz is one of the top-ranked ab wheels in the market regardless of price point. Unlike many home use ab wheels, the Toning Ab Wheel comes fully assembled.

The wheel itself feels exceptionally well made and balanced, and this could be directly related to the factory assembly.

With a dual wheel design that is partly separated, the Toning Ab Wheel is tremendously stable when in use, minimising any unsteadiness or wobbles that single wheel ab wheels can provide.

The Toning Ab Wheel comes with a link to a number of instructional videos that demonstrate how to make the most out of the ab wheel. Additionally, Elite Sportz offers a 100% money back guarantee in addition to a lifetime guarantee in the event of breakage.

This goes to show the durability of the Toning Ab Wheel and the confidence that Elite Sportz has in their craft.

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Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

The Ab Carver Pro from Perfect Fitness is the most expensive ab wheel on our list.

So is it worth the extra price? The first thing you will notice about the Ab Carver Pro is how wide the wheel is. It looks more like a barrel than a wheel, and this is intentional.

The extra wide design has been designed to offer maximum stability regardless of the type of exercise being carried out.

Inside, the Ab Carver Pro has a kinetic engine that provides resistance to increase the effectiveness of your exercises.

This, combined with the extremely comfortable handles and included foam knee pad, mean that the Ab Carver Pro offers plenty of bang for your buck.

This has the best looking design


People who have never used an ab wheel before should have no qualms about investing in the Valeo Ab Wheel to see what all the fuss is about.

However, if you are looking for a little more stability, then the Fitnessery or Elite Sportz Ab Wheels both offer a more stable, functional design. If you are an experienced ab wheel user looking for the best in show, then you will need to pay that little bit extra for the Ab Carver Pro by Perfect Fitness.

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