5 Tips for Keeping Yourself Motivated to Exercise

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Staying motivated to exercise is much the same as staying motivated to do other things in life. However, at times that motivation can start to wane, and when it does, one or more of these tips can help get you back (or keep you) on track.

1) Set a goal

It is easy to lose interest in exercising if you do not have a goal in sight – something to work toward. Start small and ensure your goal is realistic and attainable. If you are exercising to lose weight, then a goal of losing 30 pounds in a month is not either realistic or attainable. All you are going to do is get frustrated and quit. However, with the right combination of eating healthy and exercising, losing 1 to 2 pounds per week meets the criteria of a goal – realistic and attainable.

2) Reward yourself

Be sure you have some type of reward at the end to celebrate your success and then set a new and loftier goal. Make sure your reward supports your accomplishment. For example, if you made your goal of losing 10 pounds, don’t reward yourself with food that will sabotage that weight loss. Maybe a new workout outfit is your reward and the motivation you need to continue your weight loss journey.

3) Enjoy what you are doing

Even if you are seeing success with your exercise program, doing the same thing every exercise session gets boring after a while. When you feel boredom starting to set in, shake things up by trying a new routine. If your old routine is giving you the success you want, try reversing the order of the exercises. This makes you think about what you are doing and can be a motivator. Or add and subtract a few exercises to or from your standard routine.

4) Make it part of your daily routine

Most of us have things we do in a certain order most days of the week. Once in place we just do them, without putting much thought into them. Once exercising becomes engrained into your daily routine, it will become just another task on your list of things to do that day.

5) Exercise with a friend

This one is powerful from a motivational standpoint. When another person (or persons in the case of a class) depend on you showing up, it motivates you to participate. And if the truth be known, your friend or some of your classmates might not have wanted to exercise that day either, but they did so that you would not be disappointed; and you exercised with that person or group for the same reason. Your friendship and reliance on each other is the motivation to continue exercising.

Our motivation to accomplish things wanes in all of us at times. However, any or all the tips in this article can get you back in the groove. Feel free to use them as needed.

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