“The Whole 30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom” Book Review

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The Whole 30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom is a revolutionary new book by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. Their diet and lifestyle plan not only transforms the way you view food, but also the way you view your body and lifestyle. Following the success of It Starts With Food, which explained the science behind the Paleolithic Diet, this latest book takes things one step further by breaking down the exact steps you can implement to lead a happier and healthier life in just one month.

The Whole 30 Book Features

This is a great guide for anyone looking to follow a natural and sustainable paleo diet. A comprehensive 30-day diet plan is included too, with many healthy and delicious chef-created recipes to motivate you on. Additionally, step-by-step instructions to break health-damaging habits are provided.

If the numerous testimonials from people who have implemented the ideas found in the book are anything to go by, you’ll be pleased with the results you can achieve just by following the instructions laid out in the guide.

Is This Book Worth Buying?

With so many diet and lifestyle books these days, sorting out the truly great ones from the pile can be challenging. However, The Whole 30 is unlike the rest of the health guides out there. It offers long-term lifestyle advice. It’s not a flash in the pan diet guide where the results are only temporary. If you follow what this book suggests, you’ll definitely enjoy a lifetime of health and energy.

The included diet plan works on one very simple principle: you eat what your body was designed to eat – meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Sounds boring? Well, the beauty of The Whole 30 is that it shows you how to turn these base foods into sumptuous and fulfilling meals. This means you’ll no longer be tempted to cheat with a Big Mac when you’re feeling stressed. In fact, you’re far less likely to get stressed in the first place because the correct balance of food stabilizes endorphin levels, improves sleep, and gives you more of the vitamins and minerals you need for your brain and body to function at their best.

Many people suffer from intolerance to dairy or gluten products without ever being aware of it. So, they come to believe that the weighed-down feeling they get after eating such foods is just something that everyone else goes through. They accept a lifetime of discomfort at meals and deem the lack of energy and motivation as something normal. Does this sound anything like you? If so, you may want to pick this book up.

Past purchasers of The Whole 30 have gone on to report of weight loss, improved energy, better sleep, clearer skin, freedom from pain and discomfort, and a happier outlook on life. If these great things are what you want out of life, do purchase a copy of this book up so you can get started immediately.

People who want to be free of body anxiety, food cravings, and yo-yo dieting should invest in Melissa and Dallas Hardwig’s book. The book is easy to read and will encourage you to make lasting shifts in your quest for a healthier you. The authors are both sports nutritionists and experts in their field so you can rest assured you’re following a sound program that’s based on scientific research.

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