The “I Hate to Exercise” Book for People With Diabetes

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Most people with diabetes understand how important it is to make dietary changes but so many ignore how important exercise is. It has so many benefits that are important to diabetes management.

  • Burns more calories to help you reach a healthy weight.
  • Keeps your muscles strong.
  • Lowers your blood sugar.
  • Exercise can improve your mood and help fight depression which is more common in people with diabetes.

The thing is, most people simply hate exercising and even though you know how important is there is a good chance you don’t like it much either. It’s hard to motivate yourself to do something you don’t want to do.

This book is all about finding ways to become more active. It tells you how to add more activity to your everyday life and teaches you how to exercise properly with minimal difficulty. Since the exercise are simple you don’t have to go very far out of your way to incorporate them into the things you already do each day.

It’s important to ease into exercise. You can’t just go out and run a few miles on day one and the author knows that. You start with easier exercises and move on once you’ve gotten the hang of them. By the time you’re done you’ll have created a fun, low-impact routine that you may even start to look forward to!

One big bonus is that the book contains plenty of images of models performing the exercises so you can make sure you’re doing them right. The kindle version allows you to expand the images and even has videos available so you can see everything in detail.

A lot of exercise routines require you to have access to a gym or specialized equipment, which can be costly or irritating. I really liked this book because all of the exercises in it use simple equipment you already have lying around such as a chair, old hand weights, or your own body weight.

Another great thing that this book does is to help put you in a positive frame of mind while you work out. When you can look at your workout positively instead of dreading it then you’re more likely to stick with it instead of giving up partway through.

At the end of the day, The “I Hate Exercise Book” Is perfect for people who want to get help managing their diabetes with their exercise but don’t want to have to overhaul their lifestyle to do it.

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