The HELM Core Fitness Strength Training System Review

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The standard push-up could almost be called the perfect exercise.

If performed properly with good form, multiple muscle groups can be worked in a single movement.

But could this be enhanced even further?

Learning to engage more of your core during each rep can truly brand the push-up a full body exercise.

But it’s not easy. The human body seeks efficiency. It will complete the required task with the minimum of effort.

This translates over to mean only the basic “needed” muscles are engaged when you complete a regular push up.

The task is to learn to actively engage core muscles during each rep.

However, learning to hold tension in muscles that do not naturally engage during the movement, and keeping the body in perfect alignment can be tedious.

But what if you could use a simple device that almost forces you to engage your core, without mentally something.

Introducing The HELM Core Fitness Strength Training System

The HELM is a workout device to advance your push-up and plank to the next level.

The HELM is designed to keep your hands in exact ergonomic position to encourage perfect form.

Using The HELM with a standard sized Swiss ball turns a normal push-up into a dynamic exercise.

It adds a stability component to every variation of plank, push up and bench dip, forcing your body to contract inner core muscles.

The HELM encourages the perfect posture for push-ups and planks, minimizing injury and bettering results.

Using an unstable surface like a Bosu or Swiss ball, the body needs to engage stabilizer muscles to keep the body balanced and prevent from falling to either side, keeping the core tense during every repetition.

This leads to more functional training, strengthens the body and burns more calories.

The standard push-up works the abdominal, deltoids, chest, triceps, biceps and forearms.

Engaging core and stabilizer muscles, the inner abdominals, obliques, pectorals, glutes, quads, hamstrings and more, in order to keep the body in the correct position.

This means you can work the whole body with a single exercise.

The HELM also offers different handle positions.

3 handle positions; wide, standard and narrow enable different muscle groups to be emphasized.

The HELM Positives

  • Keeps posture and form correct
  • Engages unused muscle groups
  • Dynamic exercise targets the core and upper body
  • Strong, unbreakable molded ABS material

Possible Negatives

  • Can slip on hardwood floor
  • Does not come with instructions

The negatives of The Helm are understandable.

People expect instructions or a workout guide to come packaged with their purchase, however, the workout guide is available as a downloadable PDF on the HELMFit.com website as well as a collection of comprehensive exercise videos.

As for the slipping on hardwood floor, this can become annoying, but is easily solved with the use of a rubber mat placed underneath.

All in all, an excellent yet uncomplicated way to provide a full body workout with emphasis on core muscles, from one simple exercise and durable piece of equipment.

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