The End of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes

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Many books claim to have the “cure for diabetes” and while I’m always skeptical to believe any book that makes those claims, that doesn’t stop me from picking them up to see what I can learn to help create a better and more nutritious diet plan.

You may have heard of Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his bestselling book, “Eat to Live.” Dr. Fuhrman is a nutritional researcher and specializes in preventing and reversing disease through all natural methods, mainly changing the way you eat.

The biggest thing it’s important to know going into any of Fuhrman’s books is that these aren’t quick fix diets. There are complete overhauls of the way you eat and “The End of Diabetes” is no exception.

Fuhrman believes that most doctors avoid telling diabetics to make extreme changes because it may scare them from making changes altogether. I have to admit, after reading this book I can see why people would be afraid but there is some pretty great information in here and it has tons of glowing reviews and success stories.

One big thing that’s different is that the diet focuses a lot on beans, which are lower on the glycemic index than other foods. It also asks you to avoid eating much meat and avoiding dairy almost altogether.

The number one complaint is that you have to give up a lot to follow this diet 100% but the recipes included are also very tasty and something that I could see myself living on.

There are some big things this book does that I appreciate.

  • It lays out the nutritional plan in a way that makes sense. You know WHY he asks you to eat the things he does.
  • Fuhrman understands the sacrifices he’s asking you to make but also says it’s worth it.
  • It doesn’t tell you to skip fats. Instead it just tells you to pick healthier fats. You need fats so I don’t trust any diet that tries to cut them out.
  • There are a lot of recipes and most of them are very good.

Some things I don’t really like.

  • Bold claims like “cures diabetes” always set off my scam alarms.
  • There isn’t much wiggle room and restrictive diets are much easier to fall off of.
  • Some of the little tidbits are strewn about the book in weird places so you really have to read the whole thing cover to cover to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Overall it’s definitely worth reading so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth trying. Either way you’ll come out with some great information to improve your diet, like how and why you should eat more beans!

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