The Binge Code: 7 Unconventional Keys to End Binge Eating & Lose Excess Weight Review

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There are a lot of diet books on the market, especially because Amazon self-publishing makes it very easy to publish your own book.

This means that there are a lot of suspect books out there that give useless advice.

That is certainly not the case with The Binge Code.

This book is written by Allison C. Kerr, a respected nutritionist who has written several books, including a book on how to deal with bulimia.

Key Features

  • Very readable
  • Loaded with useful information
  • Concise and to the point
  • Written by respected British nutritional expert Alison Kerr
  • Available in both physical paperback and on Kindle

Is The Binge Code: 7 Unconventional Keys to End Binge Eating & Lose Excess Weight Worth Your Money?

You can be confident that this book is full of useful, scientifically correct information.

That right there is a major reason to buy this book.

So very few diet books these days make a point of including accurate information that’s actually backed up by science, but Kerr has made sure that she’s only giving you actual facts.

The book itself is easy to read.

Each chapter gives you important and useful information on how to avoid binge eating.

The book is divided into three parts and about seventeen short chapters.

The book is also concise.

It comes in at just under 200 pages, and when you discount the intro, the conclusion, and things like the title page and table of contents, you end up with roughly 170 pages of actual content.

Now, this may sound like a negative and indeed, those of you looking for a bible of a diet book will be disappointed.

However, being concise has its advantages.

You can easily finish the book in a few days and it means that there’s no fluff in the book.

That last point is particularly important because a lot of so-called “diet books” these days devote tons of space to useless personal anecdotes that don’t actually help you lose weight.

Because this book is so short, you can be confident that everything in it is helpful and relevant.

This book caters to both those who love physical books and people with E-readers.

Both the paperback and Kindle versions of the book are extremely cheap and well-formatted.

For those of you who like audiobooks, you can also pick it up in that format as well, although we can’t speak to the quality of the audiobook as we didn’t try it.

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