Superior Fitness 600lb Exercise Ball Review

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We understand that, for many people, time is a precious commodity that few can afford.

Because of this, more and more of us are struggling to find the time to go to the gym and exercise. If this sounds familiar to you, there is a solution.

That solution comes in the form of the Superior Fitness 600lb Exercise/yoga/stability ball with heavy duty gym quality resistance bands and pump.

Thanks to the Super Fitness 600lb exercise/yoga/stability ball, working out at home is now easier than ever before.

But what is it about this exercise ball that sets it apart from the countless other exercise balls currently on the market?

Well, let’s take a look, shall we? Here’s an honest and unbiased review of the Superior Fitness 600lb exercise ball.

What is it?

The superior Fitness 600lb exercise/yoga/stability ball is considered one of the most, well, superior exercise balls currently on the market.

Now, when you consider the fact that the market is currently saturated with exercise balls, and other very similar products, that is quite the achievement.

Think of this ball as the ultimate home gym.

Made from heavy duty and highly durable PVC, the ball can easily withstand weights of up to 600 pounds, with no issues whatsoever.

The ball was created via anti-burst technology, so you can exercise in peace, safe in the knowledge that you are perfectly safe.

The ball comes with a stability ring to help keep it in place, so you needn’t worry about it rolling as you try to get your balance.

It is lightweight so can be taken anywhere, it can be inflated in a matter of minutes, and it even comes with a set of resistance bands which you can customize the length of.

What are the main advantages?

Some things that users were especially impressed with include:

Durable and safe

The problem with many exercise balls is the fact that they are made from cheap materials and are therefore unsafe.

They struggle to withstand more than 200 pounds, and so inevitably, they burst.

The Superior Fitness 600 lb exercise ball however, was created with anti-burst tech and can withstand weights of up to 600 pounds, so you don’t need to worry about it bursting when you’re mid-way through an exercise.

Resistance bands included

The resistance bands included with this ball can be customized in terms of length and resistance so you can continually progress and test yourself as you work through a number of exercises.

Great for us anywhere

This ball weighs just 5.51 pounds and can be deflated and inflated in a matter of minutes, meaning it can be used anywhere.

Whether at home, at work, or even out of town somewhere, the Superior Fitness exercise ball is your ultimate travel gym companion.

Possible disadvantages

Here’s a look at a few features which we feel could be improved upon:

Fragile pump

Ironically, it is the pump that is not as durable as it could be, as some users have complained that, after being a little heavy handed, the pump did break.

As long as you’re careful however, you should be fine.

Smaller than expected

Some users have reported being surprised with the size of the ball, as it arrived smaller than they expected.

Final thoughts

So, after looking at the above, how do we feel about the Superior Fitness 600lb exercise ball? Is it worth it?

To cut a long story short – yes it is.

The ball is very affordable at less than $40. It comes with a stability ring, resistance bands, and a pump, and it is durable and light in weight so can be used anywhere.

If you struggle to find the time to exercise but want to get fitter and healthier, this product is well worth buying.

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