“Stretching: 30th Anniversary Edition” by Bob Anderson Review

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Warming up is an important part of fitness training yet many people have little knowledge of how to stretch and prepare the body for a proper workout.

The good news is you don’t have to be among the uninformed when it comes to stretching exercises.

All you have to do is simply add Bob Anderson’s Stretching fitness book to your reading collection.

Stretching has become one of the most popular fitness books of all time. To date, it has sold more than 3.5 million copies all over world in 23 languages. The original volume first appeared in 1975 when fitness awareness was still not widely popular.

However, this bestseller has seen plenty of improvements over the years. Read the following Stretching 30th Anniversary Edition by Bob Anderson review to learn more about the latest version of this book.

Features of Bob Anderson’s “Stretching: 30th Anniversary Edition” Fitness Book

The 30th Anniversary Edition of Stretching now features two-color ink drawings that show better contrast of muscles targeted by the various stretching routines illustrated in the book.

Digging through the pages of this volume, you will still find all kinds of stretching exercises for a variety of people ranging from athletes and travelers to gardeners and keyboard operators. Some of the topics covered in the book include:

  • Exercises for desk sitters along with information on office ergonomics and tips for preventing repetitive strain injuries
  • 150 stretches for daily activities, dozens of sports, and much more
  • Simple graphical instructions and supporting text on proper body mechanics
  • Information on caring for your back
  • Explanations of PNF and dynamic stretching techniques
  • Body tools to use for your stretching workouts

Is Bob Anderson’s “Stretching: 30th Anniversary Edition” Fitness Book Worth Buying?

Stretching is a useful book for individuals who want to minimize the risk of injury during exercise as well as desk sitters who are prone to repetitive strain injuries.

Many readers highly recommend it in reviews, including health professionals such as chiropractors and physical therapists.


  • Easy-to-navigate e-book
  • Dozens of stretches to include in your personal fitness program
  • Readers can choose between paperback and the e-book version
  • Easy to follow instructions with colored drawings and illustrations
  • Useful for doctors and health experts who prescribe physical therapy for different kinds of patients


  • It takes time to get the paperback version shipped. On the plus side, you can opt for the e-book edition and receive it via mail shortly after purchase.

Stretching by Bob Anderson provides a wealth of information that will educate you on one of the most important facets of fitness training.

This book is available in an electronic format but if you prefer a good old-fashioned paperback, there is a printout version as well. You can get the e-book version of this 240-page tome from iTunes or iBooks.

The enhanced e-book version makes navigation effortless with the help of hyperlinked sections. For example, you can easily tap the linked graphic index of stretches and jump to sections with explanatory text.

There is also a ‘custom stretching’ section that lets readers create and save special links to stretches of their choosing.

What’s more, additional information beyond the scope of this book is one touch away thanks to external links that give readers access to a plethora of resources on the Internet.

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