Stop Choosing Between Dieting or Exercising If You Want To Lose Weight

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This is a battle that will most likely never end and that’s a shame because all it does is hurt the people that want to lose weight!

Many people believe you don’t have to exercise to lose weight, you just need to follow the right diet (their diet, usually) while others believe you can out exercise a bad diet and don’t need to change your eating habits to lose weight, just burn enough calories through exercise.

Is it possible for some people to lose weight through diet alone and keep it off?


Is it possible for some people to lose weight and keep it off through exercise alone?


Is the best solution for long term weight loss and optimal health either just dieting or just exercising?

Probably not!

There are two problems with exercise only.

First, studies have found that many people that start execising actually increase their food intake as well.

They are burning more calories but they are eating even more calories than what they are burning!

That’s a recipe for not losing weight!

You can’t lose weight by exercising if you increase your food intake.

Some think they deserve the extra food and some don’t realize how little food it takes to completley sabotage the exercise they do.

Most people greatly overestimate the calories they burn from exercise.

Light to moderate cardio, or simple aerobics, lik fast walking, jogging, outside or on the treadmill, only burns about five to ten calories per minute.

Yes, that means a thirty minute workout only burns about 150 to 300 calories.  Most people are shocked at that number.

A couple of beers, a slice of pizza, even a couple of apples, and you’ve negated the calorie burning of your exercise session.

Okay, so what about dieting only?

It may seem simple, but there are three thousand five hundred calories in one pound of fat.

Let’s say someone’s metabolism generously allows them to eat 2,000 calories a day without losing or gaining weight. They would have to reduce their caloric intake by 25%, every day, just to lose one pound of fat per week.

And that doesn’t include some other factors.

When losing weight from dieting alone, roughly half of the weight loss is muscle, not just fat.

So one thing that happens is if you were a big pear, now you’re still a pear, just smaller.

What is called skinny-fat.

Losing metabolically active muscle also slows down your metabolism.

So a metabolism that allowed you to eat two thousand calories a day might now only allow you to eat fifteen hundred calories a day.

To keep losing that pound a week means you can only eat one thousand calories a day.

There aren’t many people that can eat one thousand calories a day for very long.

You’re also hitting a number where it starts getting very difficult to get the required nutrients to keep your body healthy and running efficiently.

So if it’s not diet and it’s not exercise, what is the solution to long term weight loss?

Oh, and let’s be clear, the solution isn’t pills or powders either!  It’s both diet and exercise.

Seems obvious, but many many people try and avoid this truth and that’s one of the reasons many people who lose weight end up putting that weight back on and more.

If you wan’t to lose weight effectively, shoot for two pounds of fat loss per week by utilizing diet and exercise.

Shoot for exercise, both strength training and cardio, that burns 500 calories per day, with a diet that reduces calories by 500 calories a day.

Even if you underestimate your calorie intake or slightly overestimate your exercise expenditure, you should still be in a calorie deficit.

Reducing calories may be the easiest way to get started on the road to weight loss, but cutting calories alone is not the recipe for long term weight loss success.

In order to maximize fat burning, boost the metabolism, while also building lean muscle mass, you’ll need to do more than cut calories.

You’ll need to add strength training and cardio.

You’ll get stronger, fitter, leaner, sexier, feel better, have more energy, lose fat and look great.

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