“Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success” by Shawn Stevenson Review

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Do you have trouble falling asleep at night or staying asleep all night once you do go to sleep?

Do you feel like you’re exhausted all of the time no matter how much sleep you get?

Do you feel like a zombie most of the time, unable to concentrate on important tasks when you need to?

If you’re plagued by poor quality sleep or you have trouble going to sleep at night, this book could be the answer.

Sleep is incredibly important for your physical and mental health.

It’s difficult to function fully day to day without the proper amount of quality sleep and it will cause a variety of health conditions over time.

If you’re interested in learning how to get more quality sleep this review can help you decide if this is the book that may be able to help you.

Features of Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson

  • 21 Chapters, each detailing a sleeping tip or strategy
  • A section called the 14-day Sleep Makeover
  • Written by Shawn Stevenson, a health expert and a popular health podcaster with a background in biology

Is Sleep Smarter Worth Buying?

Shawn Stevenson is a health expert with a background in biology.

He is also a popular health podcaster with one of the leading health podcasts today called “The Model Health Show”, covering a wide variety of health topics.

Shawn Stevenson believes that getting the right amount of quality sleep is the cornerstone of optimal health.

He also believes sleep can be used to help you heal from a wide variety of health complications.

In this book, he shares with you 21 important tips on how to improve your sleep and he helps you overhaul your sleep routine with his 14-day Sleep Makeover section.

This book has made Shawn Stevenson a best selling author in addition to his other accomplishments.

The meat of this book is 21 separate chapters, one for each of the sleeping tips he suggests in this book.

Each chapter goes in depth about what the tip is, why it should be implemented, stories about the issue featured, and the science to back up what he’s suggesting.

Some of these tips are life-changing. Some of these tips are easy to implement and others are more difficult, especially the suggested bedtimes and recommended sleeping conditions.

Even though some suggestions are difficult to implement, they will make a huge difference in your sleep quality, causing you to have more energy, a more positive mood, and will also help you be more focused on important tasks.

You will look better and feel better once you start implementing the suggestions in this book.

The 14-day Sleep Makeover section will help you get your sleeping habits under control.

You will be stopping some of your bad habits such as too much screen time close to bedtime and you will be starting some good sleeping habits such as having a proper bedtime or sleeping environment.

If you are tired of being tired and are ready to make some changes, this book could be a great book for you to read and implement.

If you’re having some health problems, this book might help you begin to feel better again.

Sleep is not something you can take lightly, and this book can help you become more serious about getting a good night’s sleep every night so you feel rested and refreshed every morning.

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