The Skulpt Scanner Review

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Finding a way to accurately measure true body fat percentage and muscle density can be a tricky and expensive pursuit.

For most, “losing weight is losing weight”.

If they feel they are overweight, or have gained a few pounds, the first thought is to get rid of it quickly.

Start a diet, reduce calories,  start exercising more, and the pounds will “melt off”.

But of course, there’s more to it than that. The goal is wrong for a start.

The aim should be reducing fat, not  overall weight.

Excessive fat cells is the reason for an expanding waist line and excess loose skin. It is fat you should be looking to reduce.

Unfortunately, “Losing weight” doesn’t always mean you are burning fat, and relying on numbers on the scale can be misleading, often leading to disappointment.

For example, the first few days on any calorie restriction diet, and exercise regime, you can lose 3-8 pounds in weight, and your stomach would look flatter.

But, this is deceptive.

What has actually happened is loss of water weight. Your body has literally shed the retained water that it usually carries around.

Water is not fat.

The initial success feels good, and is very motivating, but unfortunately it is false feedback.

That 5 pound weight or retained water can and will return within 24hrs of going back to a standard diet.

Continuing, if partaking in exercise from being sedentary, muscle growth and fat loss is guaranteed.

It may be that the first month or so, retained water is lost, and fat begins to disperse.

This is great results shown on the scale. Numbers will definitely drop.

But what happens in month 2 and 3? When water weight has already been shed, fat loss is steadying, but muscle growth has improved?

On one hand you’ve lost ‘weight’ (fat and water), on another, you’ve gained weight (muscle).

If you rely on the scale alone for the above example, the number will fluctuate, up and down.

This can be demotivating. What you really need to think about is body composition.

To track results, the most useful numbers to concentrate on is body fat percentage, and muscle volume.

It’s very satisfying to see body-fat percentage drop. You can set your target to your own personal BF % goal, and aim for it.

But, as mentioned, it’s hard to measure.

There are different ways of doing it, body-fat calipers that pinch certain folds of skin, mathematical equations that involve your weight, height, neck size and waist line etc. But none of these are exact.

To get real numbers, you would have to use advanced equipment, usually only available at expensive health care centers, like densitometry (underwater weighing) or the “BOD POD”.

This is an Air Displacement Plethysmograph.

At over $100 a time, and suffering discomfort and maybe embarrassment, using these machines regularly is not ideal.

But what if technology has come far enough to the point where you can obtain the same data, using a small, hand-held device, within the privacy of your own home?

Well, it does exist.

Enter the Skulpt Scanner

The Skulpt Scanner is a device about the size of an iPhone.

It is hand held and links remotely to an app on your cellphone.

This impressive tool measures muscle quality and fat percentage, then literally tells you personalized advice about how best to workout to resolve any health issues, and reach your body composition goals.

Measures Muscle and Fat

The Skulpt Scanner uses “Composition Myography” to measure body fat percentage and muscle quality.

Simply, the scanner is held over 24 points on the body to show results for that region of the body.

The device sends data to an installed app on your smart-phone, showing the relative strength and quality  of muscle, and fat percentage.

Map and Analyze Data

The data is analyzed and displayed within the app, showing which muscle groups need strengthening, and what parts of your physique need work.

The app also shows previous data in a visual format – a map of the body, displaying recent results to compare against previous, showing progress.

Get Personalized Advice

For each scan you do, the Skulpt app will give personalized workout plans and dietary advice, specific to your own goals that you set.


If your goal is to burn fat, feel better, and look great (rather than just lose “weight”), the Skulpt Scanner will be an invaluable tool.

Use it to advance easier without relying on expensive equipment or convoluted theories to show you your progress.

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