SKLZ Super Sandbag – Heavy Duty Training Weight Bag Review

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Whether you want to burn fat, increase strength, boost your cardiovascular health, train for a major sporting event, or are simply not getting the kick you want from your workouts, the SKLZ Super Sandbag – Heavy Duty Training Weight Bag could very well be all you need to accomplish your fitness goals.

Although very challenging to exercise with, the SKLZ Super Sandbag offers all the benefits of sand training, which include, increasing intensity of common exercises, improved balance, better grip strength, conditioning the body, plus so much more.

All these coupled with a few other benefits unique to the SKLZ sandbag enable it to make a perfect fit for any serious trainer regardless of the intended fitness goals.

Features of the SKLZ Super Sandbag

Very simple in design, the SKLZ Super Sandbag is made up of a large heavy-duty black outer bag and 4 inner small yellow weight bags each with a maximum holding capacity of 10lbs.

But despite the simplicity in design, benefits of the SKLZ sandbag are much greater.

In fact, the sandbag delivers killer workouts while allowing you to enjoy:

Wide variety of workouts

The SKLZ sandbag features 6 handles that enable the bag to be used in countless exercise routines. Conveniently located around the bag (1 at each end, 2 horizontally placed on one side, and 2 vertically placed on the opposite side), these handles allow for varied hand placement.

For instance, you could lift the sandbag using either of the side handles to perform workouts such as deadlifts, high pull ups, and one legged rows.

On the other hand, holding the bag by its rear handles allows for a vast array of workouts ranging from shoulder-to-shoulder presses, to bicep curls, to kneeling jumps, and more.

Alternatively, you could simply bear hug or grab onto the sandbag itself to make common routines such as lunges and squats more challenging.

Complete freedom in adjustability

One of the best benefits of the SKLZ Super Sandbag is that you can easily add or take out weight bags to suit the workout you intend to perform.

Simply, open the outer bag, take out or add a filled up weight bag, zip up the bag, and you are good to go.

Rugged design

In order to ensure durability of this sandbag, SKLZ used a tough outer shell and strong zippered enclosure with Velcro strap. Therefore, the bag will not tear up easily when swung and bounced around.

Is the SKLZ Super Sandbag Worth Buying?

Results that come with regular use of the SKLZ Super Sandbag speak volumes about the value that this fitness accessory has to offer.

You will get to build some serious strength and endurance, regardless of what exercises you engage in.


  • Not complicated to use
  • Keeps workouts fun and intense
  • The inner bags can be easily emptied for stress free transportation of the sandbag as well as easy storage for those with limited space
  • Works both the upper and lower body part during all exercises thereby enhancing results
  • Helps users develop a killer grip – a benefit you will not find with most workout tools out there
  • The weight bag is very durable
  • Comes at a relatively affordable price


  • The small weight bags come empty so you will have to find your own filler material. Luckily, the weight bags can be filled with anything from sand to rice, to aquarium gravel, to pebbles, to wood pellets.
  • Several users have complained of sand sifting through the small weight bags during use. To solve this issue, some users have placed duct tape along the seam line of the bags while others have opted to use filler materials that are larger than the grains of sand.


For those looking to venture into resistance or strength training but can’t afford a complete set of conventional weights, the SKLZ super sandbag provides a great first-time workout tool.

The total weight of the bag is a little over 46-pounds, thus allowing beginners to exercise without overwhelming themselves.

Customer feedback for the sandbag has elicited mixed reactions, but for the most part, buyers are happy with the build quality of this product.

Overall, it offers good value for the price if you are looking for an affordable and high quality sandbag to make your workouts more intense.

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