Rubber Foam Nunchakus Review

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Nunchaku have been used for hundreds of years as a weapon or self-defense implement in the Far East. The item is very basic – just two short sticks and an attaching chain or rope.

However, whether used as a self protection tool or in martial arts competition, a set of nunchaku in the hands of a practiced master can be difficult to defeat.

This review covers foam rubber nunchaku that can enhance your martial arts practice, improve your ability to defend yourself against an attacker, and boost your level of physical fitness.

  • Key Elements of the Rubber Foam Nunchakus
  • Safe for beginners and veterans alike
  • Includes martial art design on sticks
  • Available in 6 different colors – black, blue, green, red, sky blue and yellow
  • Rope connector as opposed to chain for extra safety
  • Each stick is 27 cm long by 3.5 cm in diameter

What Makes these Rubber Foam Nunchakus a Good Buy?

Practice makes perfect, in martial arts and just about every other endeavor. This is especially true with nunchaku, often referred to as nunchuks, chainsticks or karate sticks. Two short sticks are connected by a short chain or rope, and this traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon dates back centuries.

Its origin can be traced back to Okinawan farmers who could not afford to purchase expensive weaponry. They fashioned nunchuks out of whatever material was available, but the weapon fell out of popularity because superior weapons were developed, and there were no teachers or schools practicing how to use them.

Fast forward to modern times and you find nunchaku used as a training weapon in kobudo, karate and other martial arts. When you learn to use them effectively, you develop quicker hands and improved posture. This can benefit a self-defense practice or help you get in shape as part of a physical fitness regimen, but there is one problem for beginners.

You are going to hit yourself continually and often when you first start practicing with nunchaku.

This means that starting out with wooden sticks is definitely not recommended, has injury it would be unavoidable. If you watch the actors in late-night kung fu movies, they make using these weapons look very easy.

The exact opposite is the case. It takes a lot of training, and a lot of striking yourself with your own weapon, to become proficient. That is where these Rubber Foam Nunchakus step in. They carry enough weight to make practicing similar to using wooden sticks, and their foam rubber padding keeps you safe from injury. Add a budget friendly price tag (currently less than $10 on Amazon) and you have a smart purchase for your martial arts practice or general fitness training.

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