Rep 1,000 lb Rated Flat Weight Bench for Weight Lifting Review

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Choosing a flat weight bench can be a daunting task since there are so many choices in the market these days. So, being able to select a high quality workout bench that provides value for your hard-earned money will require some due diligence.

With that in mind, this review will talk about one of the top rated flat weight benches on the market so that you can compare it with other similar models and decide which one is worth buying.

Features of the Rep Fitness 1000lb Flat Weight Bench

This fitness accessory from Rep Fitness is a standard fixed workout bench. That means that the backrest does not incline but rather remains flat at angle of 180-degrees.

The bench is shipped with two wrenches, bolts and nuts for putting it together. Assembly is easy and Rep Fitness provides an instruction manual in case you need guidance.

As far as features are concerned, here is what to expect from this flat workout bench.

• Ideal weight bench size: This weight bench measures 47(L) x 12(W) x 17.5(H) inches, which is within the recommended IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) specs for weight lifting benches. The padding is slightly wider toward the base, measuring 16-inches, which helps to support leg drive when bench pressing.

• Comfortable design: Rep Fitness designed this bench with comfort in mind. It features a 2.5-inch thick padding made of high-density foam with a soft top. For the upholstery fabric, Rep Fitness used textured, non-slip vinyl, which is double box stitched along the seams for added durability.

• Heavy-duty design: This Rep Fitness weight lifting bench supports as much as 1,000lb of weight. It has been tested for this ratting, so you can exercise without having to worry about how much weight the bench can handle. For added strength, the designers at Rep Fitness chose to use an 11-gauge steel frame reinforced with a 2 x 2-inch square tubing. What’s more, this weight lifting bench weighs about 45lbs. and features rubberized grips on the feet for added stability.

Is the Rep Fitness 1000lb Flat Weight Bench Worth Buying?

Although the 1,000 lb Flat weight bench from rep fitness has many appealing features, it is not for everyone.

Flat, fixed utility benches such as this one usually don’t have a weight rack that provides a safety catch for placing barbells when bench pressing. As a result, it is ideal for those who lift light using dumbbells.

That being said, it is still a high quality and affordable flat workout bench. For those on a budget, it makes a great choice.

In fact, majority of buyers have given high ratings, with comfort and sturdiness being some of the most loved features of the bench.


  • Features a heavy duty design that is built to last long
  • Suitable for people all heights including individuals as tall as 6’5”
  • Bench provides ample back support and leg drive
  • Comes with manufacturer’s warranty on pad and frame
  • Textured vinyl cover prevents back from sliding while bench pressing
  • Rubber grips on both ends of the bench’s legs improves stability


  • As with all fixed flat weight benches, this model from Rep Fitness does not incline or decline. Therefore, it facilitates fewer workouts compared to an adjustable weight lifting bench.
  • Weight rack for placing barbells is not provided and therefore must be bought separately if needed

If you are in the market for a flat, fixed weight bench, the Rep Fitness 1,000lb model is one of the best choices in its price range thanks to the quality it offers.

Of course, flat, fixed utility benches such as this one are good for body builders who do not plan to lift heavy weights, as a weight rack is not included in the package.

On the plus side, the high load that this workout bench can support makes it versatile. So, as your strength increases, all you require is a new barbell rack and begin to lift heavier without having to replace your weight lifting bench.

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