Reflective Vest for Running and Cycling Review

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With statistics showing that thousands of road accident fatalities occur after dark, you should seriously consider investing in a reflective vest if you exercise at this time of day. A reflective vest brings your presence to the attention of the drivers on the road thus allowing you to exercise in safety. One option worth considering is the BayGlobal Professional Reflective Vest for Running and Cycling, Light Element with 2 functions. This vest not only increases your visibility but also offers a few extra features that are great to have around.

Features Of Reflective Vest for Running and Cycling

This reflective vest by BayGlobal is designed to improve visibility in the dark and it does so excellently. It ensures that other road users will be able to see you from as far as 300 meters away. So, with this vest, you can head out for a run, cycle, or any other exercise activity early in the morning or in the evening with the peace of mind of knowing you will be safe. In addition to this high visibility, this reflective vest has a few other great qualities including:

• An innovative design that’s not only more stylish than your average reflective vest but also more comfortable and flexible. The best parts of the design are a quality, lightweight material that guarantees comfort and adjustable chest strap with clip fastener that ensures a snug fit for all users.

• A light element with 2 visibility options which include a constant green light and a blinking green light. This allows you the freedom of choosing whatever light mode works for you.

• A secret pocket to hold keys, cash, MP3, etc, while on your run

Is the Reflective Vest for Running and Cycling Worth Buying?

This reflective vest by BayGlobal not only keeps you safe when the sun won’t, but it also fits snugly to ensure you remain comfortable and focused on your workouts. For this reason, this vest is one of the best reflective vest options to go with for those who workout in poor light conditions.

• Is comfortable to wear
• Fits snugly and does not interfere with your exercises
• Can be worn over a t-shirt as well as your favorite running/cycling jacket
• Is made of quality material and therefore promises unmatched durability

• Comes with the recurring cost of buying 3 AAA batteries regularly to power the vest
• Requires special care when washing


This BayGlobal reflective vest is without a doubt a good buy. It’s ideal for all seasons, boasts of impeccable quality, is super comfortable, adjusts to the user’s torso, can be worn over any workout attire, and best of all, maintains high visibility. Not many reflective vests offer these many features.

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