How to Cope with Aching Leg Muscles After Exercise

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If you’ve started a new workout routine or you have recently increased the intensity of your exercise, aching leg muscles might be something that you’re having difficulty with at the moment.

While you can’t magically eliminate all the pain that you feel after an intense workout, there are definitely things that you can do in order to reduce the pain and cope with your aching leg muscles.

1) Have a massage

It might not be cheap, but if you’re really struggling, you can go for a massage and have one of the experts help you to relieve the pain.

There are specialist sports massage therapists who will not only be able to give you a great amount of relief, but will also be able to recommend exercises and movements to do which can make the pain manageable over the next few days.

2) Use an ice pack

We reach for the ice pack for bumps and bruises, and when your muscles are aching, it can help you a lot here too.

Make sure it’s not too cold – you can avoid causing problems from the cold by wrapping the ice pack in a towel or cover.

3) Continue exercising (but lightly!)

You shouldn’t lie in bed and wait for the pain to go away – it will only get worse every time you do try to move. Instead, keep moving the muscles but do light exercise rather than an intense workout.

This could be as simple as walking or gentle swimming, or you can even hit the gym but using much lighter weights.

4) Drink water

Water will help you muscles and your body in most circumstances, and if you remain hydrated, this will ensure that the pain doesn’t get horrendously worse.

Getting dehydrated while you’re suffering from muscle pains can cause you to suffer a lot more than you already were.

5) Remember to warm up

Even if you’re going to do some light exercise, don’t forget to warm up.

If you want to prevent further muscle aching in the future, remember that warming up is an important part of your workout routine and should never be eliminated pre-exercise.

6) Eat pineapple

Pineapple and other fruits can help your muscles to recover, and plenty of protein will help to build and strengthen the muscles and relieve the aches that you’re feeling.

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