ProSource Ultra Deluxe Revolutionary Sports Medicine Roller Review

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The term “Self-Myofascial Release” sounds like something right out of a science fiction movie and not something we discuss about in during casual conversations. However, it’s an interesting topic and an important one for people who are looking for some pain relief.

Self-myofascial release is a process of manipulating soft tissue and stretching muscles using a specially designed roller. Many personal trainers, physiotherapists, and sports instructors have recommended medicine rollers for everything from pre-workout stretching to long-term back pain relief. While the original designs were made of smooth and fairly soft foam, ProSource has taken it to the next level with their very own interpretation of what makes a revolutionary sports roller.

Features of the ProSource Sports Medicine Roller

The ProSource Sports Medicine Roller offers firm yet flexible “bumps” of pressure to the body. It was specially designed to relieve tight muscles by massaging deep into muscles and soft tissues. And at only 13 inches in length and 5.5 inches in diameter, it’s perfect for any avid traveler who doesn’t have room to spare.

The ProSource Sports Roller also comes in a range of bright colors to match your workout clothes or yoga mat. It’s available in the plain old black color too, of course, for those who think fitness gear should be practical and not pretty.

Is the ProSource Sports Medicine Roller Worth Buying?

Some people are ardent believers that self-myofascial release works, while others dismiss this as quack science. But really, you have to try it for yourself before coming to any sort of conclusion. Should you decide to purchase this roller, keep in mind that it comes with a few pros and cons.

• Easy to take along with you on vacation to ease sore muscles after long drives, plane trips, or away games.
• Massages all major muscle groups including the upper back, lower back, lats, and quads.
• It can help to correct muscle imbalance.
• There are many different exercises with different effects that you can do with the roller. So, just ask your physio or personal trainer for some ideas (you can even look for ideas on YouTube!).
• Users with a diverse range of needs report that the roller has eased pain considerably. Muscle spasms, disc injuries, tight hamstrings, lower back pain, and neck pain are no longer issues they need to contend with anymore.

• If you’re quite heavy, you need to check the weight that the roller supports. One reviewer (a 6’4 man weighing 295 lbs.) reported snapping the PVC inner when using the roller on his back.
• Some people have reported hurting themselves even more with the ProSource roller. If you have a very serious injury, you should seek medical advice and not take on new stretching routines.


If you’re suffering from any kind of muscle, joint, or spinal pain, self-myofascial release may provide temporary respite and long term improvement. Athletes looking for an easy and effective way to stretch muscles before and after exercise will find it improves flexibility and helps prevent injury.

ProSource’s revolutionary design has the added benefit of the “bumps” which further manipulate soft tissue and muscles by applying pressure. If you’re looking for a sports medicine roller that’s durable enough to use daily yet compact enough to take on your travels, then this model is definitely worth some serious consideration.

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