PROMIC Barbell Rubber 1lb to 20lb Hand Weights Review

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PROMIC Barbell Rubber Hand Weights have earned a reputation for being sturdy, comfortable, and pretty workout equipment.

But does the product really live up to the reputation?

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this weight set.

  • Key Features of the Promic Barbell Rubber 1lb to 20lb Hand Weight Set
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Covered in soft, durable vinyl for non-slip grip
  • Vinyl protects floor if you drop weights
  • Shape prevents barbell rolling away
  • Easy to stack
  • Available in a huge number of weights, from 1lb to 20lb

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Is the Promic Barbell Rubber 1lb to 20lb Hand Weight Set Worth Buying?

The Promic dumbbells are well-constructed for regular use, and they’re a good choice for those who don’t want something that’ll take up too much storage space.

Users have the flexibility to choose the desired weights at the time of order.

The weight ranges from 4lbs to 15lbs. The smaller ones can be bought for the kids so that they can train alongside their parents.

Comfortable to handle and hold, the grip is pleasant and relaxed.

The non-slippery material ensures good hand grips even when your palms are sweating.

However, the thickness of the handle could be a problem for some individuals out there because they may find it a bit fat for a proper grip. So, it’s not suitable for those with very small hands.

For the right hands, the grip is great.

The vinyl covering does not emit any chemical smell.

Moreover, they act as a protective barrier to prevent potential damage to the floor when the weights are dropped. They are available in bright colors, and they look great.

Such bright and attractive color schemes are hardly found in retail stores.

The PROMIC Barbell Rubber Hand Weights are backed by 100% money back guarantee, which provides great peace of mind for those new to this kind of product.

However, the product is not designed for intense strength training.

The heaviest weight is 20lbs, so more advanced users might hit a plateau quite quickly. Of course, if they intend on doing high rep sets with these dumbbells, then this product should fit the bill for them.

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As they say, if you wouldn’t buy the product you recommended, don’t recommend it. This is not the case with PROMIC Barbell Rubber Hand Weights.

With good grip, nice looks, durable construction and 100% weight accuracy; the product is made to last and to please end-users. It’s hard to dislike this product!

As long as the weight range is suitable for what you’re looking to achieve, the product is worth buying.

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