ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review

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This unique fitness machine combines an elliptical trainer with a recumbent bike. You simply adjust the machine to fit either one of your training styles. This gives you multiple pieces of equipment without taking up twice the storage area. Let’s hop aboard the ProForm Hybrid Trainer and see just what you can expect.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Features and Specs

* 350 pound weight capacity
* Over-sized pedals
* Recumbent bike and elliptical trainer combined
* Saves money and space versus purchasing 2 separate machines
* 90 day parts and labor warranty

What’s Hot About the ProForm Hybrid Trainer ?

Discovering what is great about the ProForm Hybrid Trainer reveals 3 big positives …

1 – Even though it combines an elliptical machine with a recumbent bike, it only takes up as much space as one of those fitness products

2 – Compared to other dual and even single function machines, the price tag is very attractive.

3 – Simple adjusting pedals and Quick Start features make switching between recumbent bike and elliptical training modes easy and fast.

Adjustable leveling feet and a dual grip EKG heart rate monitor are nice extras. You also benefit from a water bottle holder so you can stay hydrated during your workout.

Upper body elliptical workout arms are built-in, and the pedals have been over-sized. This means safe operation with no slipping, and usability for people with larger feet.

A full 14 workout applications are built-in, along with 14 digital resistance levels. You can easily monitor your heart rate and calories burned on the big, easy-to-read display.

That console adjusts as well. This means you simply set your workout program and the Target Pacer, and then focus on your elliptical or recumbent workout while easily tracking your progress with a glance.

Why It’s Not so Hot

This product is not meant for commercial use. Also, there are limited console features. But if extreme affordability, versatility and home use are your goals for losing weight, getting in shape and/or conditioning, this is the ideal home gym elliptical trainer/recumbent bike.

Who Is the ProForm Hybrid Trainer Perfect For?

This is the perfect exercise machine if any of the following characteristics or needs apply to your situation:

You are shopping on a budget
You have limited space
You just need basic features
You want to lose weight, make your heart healthy, get in shape and stay there, or improve your aerobic conditioning

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer Quick Start button lets you begin working out immediately, or you can use a programmed exercise plan. A large display feature keeps you informed of how you are progressing, and a minimal investment allows this tool machine to take up minimal space while offering maximum exercise options.

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