PowerSkip Jump Rope Review

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Skipping is usually thought of as a kid’s activity, but it can actually be quite a useful cardio exercise and it can be a good way of improving your balance and agility.

Skipping exercises are actually done by both boxers and MMA fighters to help them stay light on their feet. If you want to properly do skipping exercises, then you need a good quality jump rope.

Key Features of the PowerSkip Jump Rope

  • Lightweight handles coated in memory foam maker holding the rope for long periods of time easy and comfortable.
  • The rope is covered with a polymer solution to prevent it from tangling and to ensure that the rope always moves smoothly.
  • The length of the rope is completely adjustable, meaning that it can be used for men, women, and children of all different sizes.

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Is the PowerSkip Jump Rope Worth Buying?

The actual rope itself is very nice to use. There is no need to worry about tangling and the rope’s movements are always completely smooth and fluid.

It is hard to find a jump rope that has basically no resistance when you use the rope, but the PowerSkip jump rope manages to accomplish this.

Also, the ability to adjust the length of the rope is a really great feature. It has a rather wide range of adjustment as well. The rope can be adjusted so that it works for people as short as 5’0” or as tall as 6’8.”

The handles are also very comfortable to use.

The memory foam coating helps keep your hands dry and it helps you keep a tight grip on the rope. This is especially important for longer sessions, where sweat can sometimes make you lose your grip on the rope.

The biggest issue with the PowerSkip Jump Rope lies in the way that you have to extend it. Now, it is nice that they let you change the length of the rope, but the process is a bit too complicated and they do not give you any instructions on how to actually do it.

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You have to unscrew the end of the rope and then manually adjust the rope yourself.

This may not sound difficult, but there is a bunch of small plastic pieces that you need to manipulate and it is just a very cumbersome process all around.

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