Posture Wizard Back Stretcher Review

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The Posture Wizard back stretcher is designed for individuals who spend most of their workdays in a sited position.

This device helps to improve posture, back flexibility and strength.

If you are in the market for a back stretcher, it is important to learn about the features of any product before making a purchase.

To that end, here is a quick Posture Wizard back stretcher review that details all the working components of this device.

You will also learn how to use it as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading to make an informed buying choice.

Features of the Posture Wizard Back Stretcher

The Posture Wizard back stretcher is designed with comfort, functionality and ease-of-use in mind.

What sets this product apart from other similar devices is the 3-in-1 system design, which not only improves posture, but also strengthens back muscles and gets rid of knots.

In a nutshell, the main components that make up this back stretching system include:

Back stretcher

The back stretcher is a two-piece component. It comprises of a flexible pad, which folds into an arch, and the base with attachment points.

Attachment points on the base offer three levels of adjusting the arch, allowing users to stretch the back gradually in stages.

The flexible piece has padding for added comfort.

However, the padding is removable, which exposes the rigid arched surface with strategically placed pressure points that massage the back while stretching it.

You can tie this device on the backrest of a seat (using the harness provided) or simply lie on it against a flat surface. The latter method of use offers more range of motion.

Lying down on your back with the legs bent at a 45-degree angle while stretching out the arms overhead or extending the legs (simultaneously or in alternating fashion) are some of the different ways to stretch the back while lying on this device.

The recommended time of use is about 5-minutes each day.

Resistance stretching band

One of the damaging effects of poor posture is that it weakens muscles in the back. In order to address this issue, the Posture Wizard back stretcher comes with an elastic band.

You can grip the elastic band with both hands and extend them out wide in different angles while using the back stretcher. Resistance from the stretchy band helps strengthen the latissimus dorsi muscle while you move your arms.

Trigger point ball

Sitting in the same position for extended periods can cause muscle fibers in the back to lump up or adhere together. This forms tense muscle knots, which feel tender or sensitive when touched.

The Posture Wizard back stretcher features a trigger-point ball designed to release the tight grip and tension that bad posture can have on your back muscles.

To use the ball, simply lie on it against a flat surface.

Bending one leg and stretching out the other while extending either arm overhead are some of the ways to stretch the back muscles while allowing the trigger point ball to apply pressure on tense knots.

Is the Posture Wizard Back Stretcher Worth Buying?

If your work involves driving, deskwork or heavy lifting, the Posture Wizard back stretcher is a worthwhile product to invest in since it promotes a healthy back.

Unlike most back stretchers, this 3-in-1 system not only decompresses the spine, it also helps you strengthen your back and relieves pain from tensed up knots.


  • Easy to use
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Features elastic band and muscle knot massage ball as extras
  • Plenty of helpful videos available online from the product developer Dr. Jasper
  • Inexpensive alternative to costly chiropractor treatments and pain medications


  • The Posture Wizard is not for everyone. Individuals with more serious back injuries or problems might find it uncomfortable and should therefore seek professional advice from a doctor.

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Overall, this product is a comprehensive system for people who want to keep the bad effects of poor posture at bay.

Of course, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional before using the Posture Wizard back stretcher in order to determine the cause of your back pain.

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