Portable 380ml Blender with USB Charger Review

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One of the biggest issues with blenders is that they tend not to be very easy to use on the go or portable.

This USB blender aims to remedy that problem by combining the power of a regular blender with portability. But, does this blender hold up when compared with other, more traditional blenders?

Key Features of the Portable 380ml Blender with USB Charger

  • The blender can be charged by plugging it into a computer or a power bank.
  • It has a capacity of 380 ML, which is around 1.6 cups.
  • It is extremely small and portable.
  • It can achieve 15,000 RPM.
  • It can be used around 10 times after being fully charged.


There are a few good things about this blender.

For starters, it is portable, meaning it is easy to take it wherever you need to go.

If you have a BBQ or a party at a friend’s house, then you can surprise everyone by bringing your blender and making drinks for everyone. You can even make smoothies a part of your daily routine by taking it to work.

Another major positive is that it is extremely easy to charge the blender.

Because it makes use of a USB port, there are a wide variety of chargers that can be used to charge it.

For example, you could take a standard phone charger and plug it into your computer to charge.

Given that almost everyone has a working computer in their home, this means that the blender can effectively be charged anywhere.

Also, because it is small, it is very easy to take it apart and clean it. Being easy to clean is always a nice feature for a blender to have since you have to spend so much time cleaning blenders.


There are two main issues with this blender that need to be mentioned.

First off, the blade is not all that powerful and will struggle to blend frozen things.

A lot of people prefer using frozen fruit and veggies in their smoothies, but this blender struggles with anything frozen.

You will have to thaw out any frozen food before throwing it into your blender. It is, however, easier to make things like protein shakes.

Secondly, the blender has to have liquid in it to work effectively. So, you either need to add water or fruit juice before blending anything.

Some people will not like this, especially those who like their smoothies to be a bit chunky.

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