Platinum Health 2000lbs Static Strength Exercise Yoga Fitness Stability Ball Review

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When shopping for inflatable exercise balls, there are plenty of factors to consider. If you have done your research, then you probably know that a good yoga ball should be made of durable materials, deflate/inflate easily, provide appropriate size options and support a high weight limit. Not all inflatable yoga ball manufacturers design their products to meet each of these important aspects.

However, Platinum Health is one of the few reputable brands that ensure fitness buffs don’t have to make many compromises when buying a yoga ball. In the following Platinum Health 2000lbs Static Strength exercise yoga fitness stability ball review, you can learn more about one of their best products on the market.

Features of the Platinum Health 2000-Pound Static Strength Exercise Yoga Fitness Stability Ball

The 2000lbs yoga stability ball from Platinum Health allows users to engage in a wide range of exercises. Once inflated, you can use it to work on your core or improve balance, strength and overall agility. Should you decide to invest in this fitness accessory, here is a rundown of some of the main features to expect.

Durable, heavy-duty design

To ensure durability, Platinum Health uses professional grade, latex free PVC as the choice of materials for this inflatable exercise ball. What’s more, the ball has been tested to withstand up to 2000-pounds static weight. It features anti-burst technology as an added bonus, which ensures that the ball does not explode but rather deflate slowly even after sustaining a cut that is up to 2cm wide.

Available in different sizes

A good exercise ball should be the right size. Choosing the ideal size when shopping for yoga balls requires buyers to establish aspects like their leg length, height and intended use of the ball. Platinum Health makes the selection process easier by providing a variety of stability ball sizes. You can easily choose which ball size to buy by looking up their sizing chart, which matches ball sizes with user heights ranging from under 5’ up to 6’5” and above.

Assembly accessories included in package

Inflating the Platinum Health 2000lbs yoga stability ball is easy. Once removed from the box, simply fill the ball with air using the foot pump provided and you are ready to go. It also comes with an extra air plug and tool for removing the valve when you need to deflate.

Is the Platinum Health Stability Ball Worth Buying?

If you are looking for fitness equipment that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, then the Platinum Health 2000lbs inflatable exercise ball is worth considering. You can use this ball to perform many exercises. For the most part, this product has earned positive feedback and high buyer ratings. Users of this exercise ball love the fact that it is easy to inflate and sturdy. The best part is that it is inexpensive and you still get a high quality fitness accessory.


  • Different sized balls cater to everyone according to height
  • Made of strong anti-burst materials
  • Pump for inflating the ball is included in the package
  • Concentric ridges on the surface make the ball less likely to slip
  • Item is comes packed inside a compact box for easy portability
  • Latex-free PVC surface cleans easily and won’t irritate those who are allergic to latex


This particular model does not come in an array of colors. (It’s available only in black as of compiling this review.)


Low cost inflatable exercise balls have earned a reputation for being of inferior quality. That’s not the case though with the Platinum Health 2000lbs yoga stability ball. This high quality inflatable fitness accessory is made to last long. The only tradeoff is that you won’t get many color choices. What the 2000lbs static strength Platinum Health inflatable exercise ball lacks in color variety, it more than makes up for it with durable materials and the added convenience of allowing buyers to choose from a wide range of sizes.

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