Pivotal Living Tracker 1 Review

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Let’s answer a few questions…
• What’s your current calorie intake?
• Are you getting enough restful sleep?
• Do you drink enough water every day?
• How much incidental exercise do you really get?
• How much intentional and targeted exercise do you do?

If you’re unable to answer any of the above questions, I’m afraid you haven’t been keeping track of your fitness goals. But fret not because with the Pivotal Living Tracker 1, you’ll soon be able to view these important statistics with just a glance at your wrist or smartphone.

Information, statistics, and visible progress have been proven to motivate people to live more healthily. The Pivotal Living Tracker 1 takes things one step further by offering you personalized progress information intelligently and seamlessly. The system involves wearing a simple bracelet for in-depth monitoring of sleep and activity. It even syncs with your smartphone, giving you access to graphs, charts, and comprehensive tracking of your fitness aspirations.

Key Features of the Pivotal Living Tracker 1

The Pivotal Living Tracker 1 is first and foremost an activity tracker. However, it also offers an unobtrusive, unisex design and monitors your sleep, provides gentle vibration alarms to wake you up in the mornings, and is water resistant. So, there’s no excuse to not workout anymore when it’s raining!

Is the Pivotal Living Tracker 1 Worth Buying?

The functions on the smartphone app offer a range of great options to help motivate and inspire. For example:

• You can set up “teams” among family, friends, and workmates with this handy gadget. If a little friendly competition drives you, this can really help. There’s nothing like taking 5 more steps than Bob from Accounts and beating him where it counts – your health!

• You’ll get to log your start weight, update it regularly, and watch the line on a graph go down as you get closer to your weight loss goals.

• Additionally, you can set short term goals such as the number of steps you want to take, the amount of water you drink, and hours of sleep you get each day. Check your progress with a mere glance at your smartphone and you’ll know how close you’re getting.

• The sleep monitor measures both the length and the quality of your sleep. Motion sensors can tell you if you’ve been tossing and turning in your sleep. If so, you can look for ways to address the root of the problem and ensure you’re truly resting when you sleep.

• Finally, when you’ve been inactive for a long time, there’s nothing like a friendly nag from the gadget to remind you to get up and move around.

Despite the tracker’s great functionalities, a few past purchasers have reported that it doesn’t sync properly. If you suspect that your product is faulty, be sure to get in touch with the manufacturer for a replacement.


If you’re looking for a miracle method to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals without having to lift a finger, this product isn’t it. This is a product that will help motivate you to work hard and stay focused on your goals. However, it’s not going to do the hard lifting for you. Think of it like a tiny personal trainer that’s with you every moment of the day… reminding, encouraging, and celebrating progress as you achieve your targets.

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