4 Mistakes People Make with Kettlebells

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Kettlebells are a versatile exercise tool.

They can be used for both cardio and to build muscle, so it is no wonder that they are a very popular exercise tool.

However, many people are using them without learnig how to do so properly. Are you making any of these mistakes, too?

1) Not realizing that kettlebells are meant to work out the lower body

Kettlebell swings are one of the main exercises that people do when they use kettlebells.

A lot of people, however, make the mistake of not realizing that kettlebell swings are meant to exercise the lower body.

When you do a kettlebell swing, you should be primarily focusing on working out your lower body. When doing the actual swing, your lower body should be doing the vast majority of the work.

You should use your arms should be used to keep the kettlebell steady and centered, but the actual swinging should be done entirely with your hips.

2) Swinging a kettlebell too high

This mistake is closely related to the previous one.

A lot of people make the mistake of swinging the kettlebell too high when they do a kettlebell swing. Some even go as far as swinging it up near their head.

This is a big mistake since swinging the kettlebell too high puts unnecessary amounts of stress on your upper body, specifically your shoulders and your spine. So, remember, when doing kettlebell swings, try and keep the kettlebell lower, not higher.

Let the momentum of your hips raise the kettlebell, do not add unnecessary force to the swing.

3) Breathing wrong while using the kettlebell

Breathing is a crucial part of doing kettlebell exercises right. If you want to do kettlebell exercises properly, then you need to develop proper breathing technique.

A lot of people fail to do this and it holds them back.

The proper way to breathe when doing kettlebell exercises is to take a deep breath while lowering the kettlebell then exhale while swinging the kettlebell.

4) Lifting the kettlebell from a squat position

A lot of people make the mistakes of lifting a kettlebell from a squatting position. They bend their knees too much instead of bending their hips.

Your knees are not the focus nor should they be.

The focus is on your lower body. So, make sure that instead of bending your knees, that you are bending your hips instead.

Top 4 Kettlebell Moves

Kettlebells have become one of the most popular weights to use during strength training, but if you’re new to the world of kettlebells, you might not be entirely clued up about how to use them.

No matter what your age or ability in the gym, you can get started using kettlebells and start to see the results within a matter of days.

To help you get off to a great start, here are the top four kettlebell moves that you can do.

1) Russian Kettlebell Swing

This is one of the most popular kettlebell moves that you’ll see many people doing in the gym and at home, and you can do this whether you’ve just joined a gym or you’ve been working out for years.

Grab a kettlebell which is a suitable weight for you and swing it underneath you and out in front.

You should slightly squat as the kettlebell is swinging underneath you, and then use your hips to help the outward movement along.

2) Kettlebell Squat

If you can do a regular squat, you can do a kettlebell squat! It’s basically a squat but with a kettlebell in your hands.

If you haven’t used kettlebells before, it’s best to start off with the lightest weight available just to see how you manage. Imagine you’re going to sit down when you squat, but then come back up again using all your legs for support.

With any squats, it’s more about how effectively you do them rather than the amount of squats you are able to do.

3) Kettlebell Slingshot

This might not be the easiest move to do right at the start, but after you’ve spent a couple of days getting used to kettlebells and how to handle them, you can attempt the kettlebell slingshot move.

Using one hand, swing the kettlebell around the back of yourself, before grabbing it with the other hand and then continuing the motion to bring it back around to the front.

4) Kettlebell Deadlift

You don’t need to head over to the barbells and dumbbells to carry out a deadlift move.

You can use a kettlebell for this too – simply choose a kettlebell that is a good weight for you and place it on the floor slightly in front of you.

You can then lift it up and either try to push it above your head or do a few reps lifting it up to chest level and then back down again.

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