Meal Prep Haven 7 Piece Portion Control Containers and Protein Shaker Bundle Review

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meal prep haven 7 piece

Dieting is never easy and that’s why we need all the help we can get when looking to lose weight. The Meal Prep Haven 7 Piece Portion Control Containers and Protein Shaker Bundle offers you this help by measuring out protein and portions of different food types. This makes it easier for you to stick to a diet.

Ideal for anyone on a health mission, the containers can work for a variety of food plans whether you’re looking to lose weight, maintain a medical condition, gain weight, or even increase muscles.

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Features of the Meal Prep Haven Control Containers and Protein Shaker Bundle

The great thing about this portion controller and protein shaker bundle is that you don’t have to start all meal and snack times with complex calorie calculations. This bundle offers a simpler way of keeping track of food intake through color-coded containers.

Each container is clearly labeled with a food type as well as weight of container. So, you’ll have a clear idea of the exact number of calories you take in with each container. These containers in turn are backed up by:

  • A clearly detailed guideline, which helps you come up with the ideal number of containers to have in a day for each food group.
  • A 28 oz. protein shaker that makes and stores protein shakes and other healthy drinks. With this shaker, you’ll be able to customize your protein intake to suit your fitness goal.

Is the Meal Prep Haven Control Containers and Protein Shaker Bundle Worth Buying?

This Meal Prep Haven Bundle offers a few positives that make it a good buy. It eliminates calorie counting, helps you focus on what you should be eating, and even guides you towards mastering the art of portion control. As a result, you get to reach your fitness goals easily and quickly.


  • All containers and protein shaker are BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • The containers are freezer and microwave safe which means you can heat or freeze stored food
  • Containers and shaker are both leak-proof
  • The bundle comes with a lifetime warranty


  • The protein shaker does not include a ball mixer for breaking up powders

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Whether you’re getting ready for an upcoming event, want to drop extra pounds fast, or are simply trying to break bad eating habits, this Meal Prep Haven bundle is for you. With the included guideline, you’ll be able to formulate a solid eating plan that will get you in good shape quickly while teaching you how to eat healthier at the same time.

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