Luxsure Smart Watch Sport Fitness Tracker Review

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Wearable tech has become something of a “must have” when it comes to health, general fitness and weight loss.

Big brands like Fitbit and Garmin dominate the market, but beneath the surface, lower cost alternatives are emerging that prove just as capable.

Wearable tech is used not only to monitor heart rate, sleep patterns, physical activity and step count, but relied upon to report data wirelessly to the users smart phone, tablet or other device.

Luxsure Smart Watch Features

The Luxsure smart watch, although marketed as a budget range against more expensive alternatives, is packed full of features, and, surprisingly priced under $60.

Standard watch features

We couldn’t really call this a “watch” unless it told us the time! Naturally, yes it does, and has other standard features such as alarm and date.

One nice adaption is that the alarm can be set to vibrate, so as not to wake everyone else up at the same time.

Build quality

Made from aircraft grade aluminum and non slip, soft feel strap, 1.9 inch OLED touch screen with good sensitivity, and waterproof to IP67 standard.

The sleek design features a large, well lit display, sitting comfortably on the wrist.

Heart rate monitor

The smart watch displays current heart-rate in real time, ideal for exercise regimen that gives superior results when in certain heart-rate “zones”.

It can also indicate body health by displaying heart rate at different events, for example, at rest, climbing stairs, walking and so forth.

High and low heart-rate warnings can be set within the watch to alert you should either boundary be crossed.

Sleep monitor

Amazing apps are available on most smart phones and other devices that monitor your sleep, showing sleep quality, and gently waking you up at the optimum time.

Trouble is, these apps depend on the mobile device being kept on the bed, monitoring movement and listening for breath patterns.

This is not always ideal, as the device often falls from the bed, the microphone gets covered, or more than one person sleeping in the bed distorts data.

Fortunately, the Luxsure smart watch has sleep monitoring as a feature, and can report this straight to your smart device.

Since the smart watch is always on your wrist, data is more accurate.


The smart watch can be used with most cellphones or devices running Android (4.3 and above) or IOS (9.0 and above).

Extras – Other features include:

  • Pedometer: Tracks steps taken, movement and running distance
  • Bluetooth 4.0: 10m range to pair wirelessly with many devices
  • Phone call and message notifications: Prompting you perhaps when not in the vicinity of smart-phone, when working out for example
  • 15 day standby: Obviously not literally 15 days before charging, especially with constant use, but still a respectable battery life
  • Heart rate, time, date, step count and battery life can be displayed simultaneously
  • 24 hours historical records so you can quickly compare data
  • Other apps can be synced: Watch can display text and notifications from Twitter, Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp

The Luxsure smart watch may not be a well known brand, but is a high quality item at an affordable price, with much of the features of more expensive models.

All in all the Luxsure Smart Watch is a recommended purchase.

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