Less Alcohol, More Water – What Does It Take To Get Fit?

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The common assumption by many people trying to get fit is yes, they have to refrain from alcohol in order to do so. However, this isn’t exactly true. Instead, you might want to modify your alcohol consumption in line with these 3 principles:

1) Change the type of alcohol you drink

An ounce of whiskey, 5 ounces of wine or 12 ounces of light beer generally all have about the same number of calories – about 100 to 125 per serving. However, if you add a mix to the ounce of hard liquor, you can easily add another 50 to 100 calories per drink. If you like drinking the hard stuff, you are better off drinking it on the rocks, with water, or club soda. Neither of these three add any additional calories.

Red wine is a good choice of drink in that you also get some anti-oxidants in your drink along with some other health benefits. If you drink beer, opt for a dark beer as it too also has anti-oxidants along with some of the B vitamin complex.

2) Reduce the number of calories you eat

Face it, drinking and eating just go hand in hand. But what good is watching the number of calories you drink, if you go out afterward and load up on heavy calorie-rich foods. After having a few drinks, your judgment in food may be slightly impaired and you’ll end up eating more than you should.

Eat some protein and vegetables instead of loading up on ice cream, pizza or a late-night breakfast. The protein will help curb your hunger and the vegetables will fill you up, but cut-down on the number of calories you eat.

3) Drink in moderation

You can go out and have fun without consuming so many drinks that you end up drunk. Keep your drinking to 1 or 2 nights per week with 1 to 2 drinks each night. Also, you’ll consume fewer calories if you figure the calories you will drink into your total caloric intake for the day. That way you end up consuming the same number of calories as you do on non-drinking days and don’t wreck your fitness plan.

Use these three tips to still enjoy going out with friends and “having a few”. Just be sure to make good drink choices, eat healthy and drink in moderation.

3 Quick Tricks to Get You Drinking More Water

Most of us know that we should drink at least 8 eight-ounce glasses of water per day as part of our good health strategy. Based on the weather, physical activity and if pregnant or not, you should drink even more than the recommended amount. Women can drink as much as 91 ounces per day; men 125 ounces. Sadly though, the majority of us do not drink nearly as much as our body needs to function at peak efficiency.

However, there are few quick tricks you can use to help get your daily water quota:

1) Eat water-enriched foods

About 80% of our daily water intake comes from drinking; the other 20% comes from the food we eat. Vegetables, such as lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes are 95% water. Fresh fruits like blueberries, apples and oranges are 85% water and are loaded with good nutrients and minerals; watermelon is 95% water. Supplementing your daily water intake with the recommend daily amount of fresh fruits and vegetables is a good way to ensure you are getting enough water.

2) Drink water cold

Water just tastes better if you drink it cold. And the body has to work harder to warm it up to body core temperature, meaning you’ll burn more calories drinking cold water than tepid or water that is closer to your body core temperature

3) Add flavor to your water

Adding flavor to your water does a couple of things – 1) it makes it taste better and 2) it can help provide the recommended amount of vitamin C and replace the electrolytes potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium lost through sweating. Add lemon, lime or cucumber to a pitcher of water and see if you don’t enjoy the flavor more than drinking just plain water.

4) Put a day’s worth of water in a pitcher

Keeping track of how much water you drink in a day is not easy; however if you don’t track what you drink, most likely you’ll not get enough. If you are at home all day or have access to a refrigerator at work, put a pitcher filled with 64 ounces of water in the refrigerator. Keep drinking and refilling your glass or water bottle throughout the day until it is gone. Add some natural water-enriched flavoring mentioned above to it to enhance its taste and consume even more water.

You have to drink an adequate amount of water each day to keep from getting dehydrated and to stay healthy. However, stay away from sugar-laden drinks that also add a significant amount of calories and don’t quench your thirst.

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