KNOTTY BODY Massage Therapy Balls Review

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Just because you lack the time or money for regular visits to a masseuse does not mean you have to put up with sore muscles. The KNOTTY BODY Massage Therapy Balls offer a great alternative.

Versatile, convenient, and portable, these massage therapy balls allow you to apply deep tissue massages on just about any sore body muscles at any time and place.

Features of KNOTTY BODY Massage Therapy Balls

Whether you require gentle pressure or a more firm touch to restore your body’s vitality, the KNOTTY BODY massage therapy balls will deliver thanks to a specially formulated springy, but firm, design which is one of the best designs out there.

This design features the perfect combination of spring and solidness.

As such, it delivers just the right amount of pressure and firmness that relieves tension without causing pain and allows you and roll over, press against, or even lie over the balls without them flattening under your weight.

The KNOTTY BODY massage balls also feature:

  • Great Traction

One great thing about the design of the KNOTTY BODY massage balls is solid traction that causes the balls to stick to whatever surface they are being moved along.

As a result, the therapy balls tend to stay in whatever position you place them even if you engage in a lot of movement.

This allows you to focus more on your massage routines and thereby ensure you roll away all the tension in whatever body area you are massaging.

  • A Nice Small Size

Measuring just 2.5 inches in diameter, these therapy balls can be used on any body part including those difficult-to-reach areas where other body massage tools cannot get to.

What’s more, this small size makes the KNOTTY BODY therapy balls versatile massage tools that can be used alongside a variety of workouts ranging from Pilates and yoga exercises to CrossFit and physical therapy routines.

Is KNOTTY BODY Massage Therapy Balls Worth Buying?

With many users across the internet swearing by the effectiveness of the KNOTTY BODY therapy balls, it’s safe to say that they are a good buy.

A wide spectrum of people from trainers, to regular exercisers, to office workers who spend most of their days working at a desk claim to have used these balls to relieve the pain and aches that come with their lifestyles. There are also individuals with chronic back and neck pain who say that the balls have greatly improved their life.


  • The balls are usable anywhere: on the floor, against the wall, across a workout bench, etc.
  • You can perform any workout while using the balls.
  • The balls are simple in design and use.
  • Many users say that the therapy balls deliver the perfect amount of pressure and firmness.


  • Complaints from users about the massage balls are few and include things like the price, the lack of a carrying case for the balls, and the balls beginning to fray with continued use.

With just a one-time price of under $30, the KNOTTY BODY therapy balls give you reliable massage tools that are resilient, portable, and very effective at relieving soreness on any body part. So, if you suffer from body pains and aches on the regular, the KNOTTY BODY massage therapy balls are a great catch.

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