Kinzi Jump Rope Review

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Do you lack the time to make regular trips to the gym and cannot afford to buy any of that expensive gym equipment? Well, a jump rope offers you the next best solution for performing cardio workouts at home. It may look small and insignificant compared to other sophisticated workout equipment, but a jump rope offers a full body workout and gets the job done for minimal cost.

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A single rope jumping session works the legs, arms, abs, heart, and even the mind. Including this as part of your regular training routine can help to improve your cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles, burn excess calories, as well as increase strength, agility, and speed.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the more popular jump ropes out on the market to help you to determine whether this fitness product would make a good buy.

Features of the Kinzi Jump Rope

Created with boxing, MMA, Cross Fit lovers and serious rope jumpers in mind, the Kinzi Jump Rope is designed to last and it sure does provide effective workouts. It can be used in cross overs, side jumps, double unders, and any other jump rope exercise you can think of thanks to its lightweight feature. And to ensure comfort during use, this jump rope is fitted with custom foam grips, premium quality 3M PVC material, and speed ball-bearings that are fitted to ensure smooth and consistent rotations.

These features make the Kinzi Jump rope a great workout equipment as you’ll now be able to:

• Jump rope for long stretches without your hands getting fatigued.
• Maintain a good grip that will allow fast swings.

Is the Kinzi Jump Rope Worth Buying?

Hundreds of users across different online retail sites agree that the Kinzi Jump Rope is well worth buying. The only major available complaint about the rope is that it has an overpowering smell when removed straight from the box. This unfortunate disadvantage of the rope can however be resolved by leaving the rope out in fresh air for a few days. Other than that, all buyers of the Kinzi Jump Rope have nothing but positive things to say. The most loved qualities buyers love about this jump rope are that it:

• Can be adjusted to suit the users height
• Comes with a carrying bag for easy storage
• Features a lightweight and sleek design, which makes it perfect for both slow and fast jump rope exercises
• Doesn’t tangle


Easy on the hands but tough on the rest of the body, the Kinzi Jump rope offers one very important benefit – lightweight, soft-grip handles that protect against arm fatigue. Therefore, you can jump rope for long stretches of time without missing a single turn. When you combine this advantage with the rope’s versatility, smooth and fast rotations, ease of re-sizing, and quality material, you’ll realize that this rope makes a great buy. With the addition of a lifetime warranty backing up the rope, you can be sure you’re getting the best jump rope for personal and professional use when you settle for this model from Kinzi.

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