Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED Review

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bodyshred dvd program

Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED DVD program is an intensive, 60-day fitness plan from one of the most recognizable and revered fitness instructors around.

It’s a step up from Jillian’s earlier workout system “Body Revolution”.

The aim of BODYSHRED is quite simple; it aims to transform your body by improving your fitness, burning fat and losing weight without losing muscle mass.

Using Jillian’s SHRED techniques, BODYSHRED allows you to transform your body with 30-minute workouts 6 days a week in the comfort of your own home.

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So how can Jillian do in 30 minutes what other fitness plans struggle to achieve in 60?

Simple – working smarter always beats working longer! BODYSHREAD is the perfect DVD fitness program for those with the motivation to work hard and who want to see fast results!

Features of the Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED Plan

  • Includes 12 DVD’s
  • 348 minute running time
  • Based on 10 fitness principles
  • Uses 3-2-1 interval format
  • 60-day fitness plan, 30-minute workouts

The workouts concentrate on 6 minute high intensity circuits, totaling around 30 minutes per workout. 10 workouts are included, which are rotated over a period of 60 days, working out 6 days a week.

The workout program is not only for fat loss, but to achieve a strong, “shredded” physique.

12 DVD’s – The BODYSHRED DVD set contains 8 “shred method” workouts, and 2 cardio workouts, approximately 30 minutes each, plus 2 bonus DVD’s: “Opus” and “Cast & Moves”.

The extensive variety of workouts will stop you from ever getting bored with the same workout routine repeated every day.

Rotational Calendar

Can be put up on the wall to show which workout to complete each time.

It can be very motivational to “check off” each day of the calendar, granting a feeling of reward for work complete, and measuring progress.

60 Day Meal Plan

They say abs are made in the kitchen.

Really, the perfect body is shaped 80% by nutrition, and 20% from exercise.

The 60 day meal plan advises the perfect types of meals and snacks to accompany the BODYSHRED workouts.

Combine the two – diet and exercise for perfect results.

Fitness Guide

This guide helps you ease into the fitness plan, introducing you to the science behind the program, showing you hacks and techniques to mentally prepare for the program, and how to stay on track to completion.

The mental prep side of things will provide very useful.

It’s all very well being super motivated when you first start the BODYSHRED program, but what about after the first couple of weeks when the novelty wears off and you’re ready to give up?

Use the tips and tricks to follow through to the end and reap the results.

Possible negative points

BODYSHRED may not be suitable for all body types

One buyer commented that although the program was an amazing workout, she found she put on more “weight” in her thighs.

This can only be due to muscle enlarging slightly as it gets stronger, owing to the lower body strength exercises.

On the plus side, research shows that extra muscle tone in the legs helps to remove cellulite.

Once body fat starts to drop, the legs appear less bulky and more shapely.

Jillian Michaels personality

Some remark on Jillian Michaels personality not gelling well with them.

You do have to expect some abrasiveness with workout DVD presenters, after all, they are there to get you motivated and fired up, so may come across this way.

And if you’ve ever watched Biggest Loser, you already know what she’s like…

See what buyers are saying about the program

Is the Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED Plan Worth Buying?

Depending on what you are looking for, Jillian Michaels could be the best workout DVD program you’ve ever had…or it could be a disappointment. Let’s start off with what’s not so good.

Firstly, the production values are somewhat lacking, and many users have commented on the fact that the music used throughout is not to their taste.

Similarly, it is quite unnecessary for this pack to come on 12 DVDs. 12 DVDs and a 348 minute running time averages around 30 minutes per DVD.

There is no reason that some of these exercises could be combined on a smaller number of DVDs, and the fact that they aren’t combined appears to be an attempt at making the plan seem larger than it is.

However, many people are far less concerned about such trivial matters and are far more concerned with the quality of the workouts.

Thankfully, Jillian has put together a tremendous workout plan here, combining resistance training, cardio training and core work. With a continuous approach, BODYSHRED manages to give you a tremendous workout in 30 minutes, and there is little doubt that 30 minutes will be enough!

Unlike some fitness DVD programs that require you to purchase a number of accessories to complete the exercises, BODYSHRED only requires that you have dumbbells of suitable and comfortable weight. Some of the exercises will take some getting used to, but the on-screen trainers always demonstrate both perfect form and a modified version side by side.

See what users have to say about the program

This is particularly welcome, as many of the exercises require some practice to get right!

All in all, if you are serious about getting in shape and are looking to do it as efficiently as possible, you can’t go far wrong with BODYSHREAD. It might not have the production values of some of its rivals, but it more than makes up for it with its content.

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