What Are Hip Thrust Exercises and How Do You Do Them?

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The hip thrust is one of the best exercises for strengthening and toning your butt, or glutes.

If you want a great butt, you should learn how to do hip thrusts, and you should put them into your regular workout rotation.

Hip thrusts don’t just work your glutes, they also strengthen your quads and help with hip flexibility.

Below you’ll learn more about hip thrusts and you’ll learn how to do them correctly.

Because hip thrusts work multiple muscle groups, they’re a great exercise to do so that you have a well-rounded fitness program.

Hip thrusts help you gain lower body power and flexibility, and both are important for overall fitness.

When you perform a hip thrust, you activate your glutes, strengthening your butt. You also activate your quads and strengthen the opposite side of your leg.

Since both muscle groups are worked during the same exercise, you’ll be maintaining balance in your muscle strength. You will also be increasing the efficiency of your fitness program.

In addition to adding power or strength, hip thrusts also increase hip flexibility and balance.

Flexibility is important for overall health and quality of life.

Any exercise that helps your flexibility is worth adding to your fitness regimen, especially if it’s packed with weighted exercises.

Hip thrusts can be done with or without weights.

It’s probably best to start out without weights so that you can get used to the movement and practice your form.

Once your form has been perfected, you can choose a type of weight to use.

Most people use barbells because you can progress with weight easily. Another option is the smaller barbells called curl bars that are usually used for curls.

If these are too heavy, a weighted Pilates bar or another fitness bar would be good to start with.

If you don’t have a barbell, a dumbbell, weighted fitness ball, kettlebell, or a disc weight that is normally used on a barbell can be used.

Anything that can be balanced on your lap and add weight, can be used while you perform a hip thrust.

Many people mistake hip thrusts for glute bridges.

These two exercises are similar, however, during a hip thrust your shoulders will be elevated and during a glute bridge, your shoulders will be flat on the floor.

Both exercises are excellent, but hip thrusts target both the glutes and quads and glute bridges target only the glutes.

To perform a hip thrust you should sit with your back to the side of a weight bench so that your shoulders will rest on it when you thrust your hips up.

Your knees will be bent and your feet will be on the floor.

To perform the hip thrust, use your glutes and quads to thrust your hips up where your shoulders are on the bench and your body is flat.

Your knees will be bent at a right angle and your feet will be flat on the floor.

After you have reached this position, you will lower your butt back to the floor. If you’re doing this exercise with weights, the barbell will rest across your upper leg. You will repeat this motion for your desired amount of repetitions.

Be sure to squeeze your glutes as you thrust upward.

If you’re more comfortable, you can start in the up position by resting your shoulders on a weight bench with your feet on the floor and your knees at a right angle.

Hip thrusts can help you strengthen and shape your butt and legs.

They can also help you increase your flexibility through your hips and help you improve your balance.

This is a great exercise to add to your fitness routine.

Just be sure to use proper form and the correct weight for your ability.

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