Help Motivate Your Friend Who is Trying to Lose Weight

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Helping to motivate a friend who is trying to lose weight isn’t easy. You want to encourage them and help them succeed but you don’t want to overstep and hurt their feelings. You may not know their entire situation so you don’t want to criticize them and make them feel guilty for their decisions. It’s tricky but your support is going to be invaluable in helping them succeed. Here are a few tips to help you help them.

1. When they’re struggling or slipping up in following their plans, don’t judge them.

The last thing someone wants when they tell you they’re struggling is to be judged. Losing weight is hard and they likely just want someone to listen. Many dieters turn to food when they’re upset, so being able to come to you and talk about it can save them from binging and falling further off track.

2. Cheer them on rather than coach them.

You may feel the need to give them advice or critique their plan. Unless it’s very obviously unhealthy (starving themselves, purging, taking pills that are known to be unsafe, etc.), don’t. Be there to cheer them on and congratulate them on the things they do well and support them if they make a mistake without trying to tell them what they should have done instead. Weight loss advice often feels like an attack even if it’s not meant to be and it’ll make harder for them to talk to you about their weight loss.

3. Help them plan fun rewards for their efforts.

One of the best motivators is celebrating achievements. Plan fun celebrations that aren’t centered around food. A day at the spa, day trip for window shopping, or massages can be a lot of fun and help you guys bond and celebrate. It shows them that you’re excited for their progress and doesn’t put them in a place where they feel obligated to overeat.

4. Learn what you can about the weight loss plan they’ve chosen.

The more you know the more you can plan for the time you spend together. You can get an idea of how much they’re eating and what foods they may be avoiding. Respect their diet plan by not encouraging them to nibble on extras and if you have them over for dinner try to prepare something that will fit into their plan.

5. Join them for their fitness routine.

Sometimes the best encouragement in fitness is having a partner who is expecting you to be there and knowing you’re going to have a good time hanging out with them. Of course if you do this you need to be actively working out rather than distracting them from their exercise!

It’s all about being supportive and letting them work towards their goals in their own way. By questioning the way they do things or the choices they make you’ll drive a wedge between you and your loved one when it comes to discussing weight loss which will make it impossible for you to continue actively supporting them.

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