Greater Goods Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale Review

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You may be thinking, a bathroom scale is a bathroom scale, right?

Not much to it.

You stand on it, note the number, then reel back in horror that you’ve actually gained weight even though you dieted all week.

What more can there be to it?

Well let’s see. Instead of just pounds lost, how would you like to know your BMI, your body fat percentage, your muscle mass, water weight, and bone weight, all from just stepping on a scale?

Yep, the Weight Guru Scales will tell you all of this, and instantly send the data right to your cell phone or other mobile device.

Multiple health metrics

If you’re working towards a killer body, it’s not just pounds you need to shed.

Relying on weight loss only can lead to dissapointment when the results don’t reflect back at you in the mirror.

What if you have lost fat, but gained muscle? Scales won’t budge, may even go up a digit or two.

What if you’ve lost weight, but it wasn’t fat? Muscle loss and water weight can show you good weight loss progress, but little visible improvements in your physique.

For this reason, it is far better to track your progress from multiple angles:

  • An increase in lean mass, plus a reduction of bodyfat can be the difference between a flabby stomach and washboard abs
  • A reduction of water weight will decrease weight, add vascularity and reduce puffiness
  • A reduction in BMI can show you progress towards better health
  • A less negative number in bone density will show you how strong your bones are, or further away from ostioporosis

The Weight Gurus app

Available on Android and IOS will collect all of the above data from the Bluetooth bathroom scales, and not only store current information, but show historical figures and progress over set periods.

Data from the app can be synced with other popular health tracking and fitness apps like Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, Amazon Echo and more.

It’s worth noting though, you don’t need to use a smart device to see the data, it just makes things easier to track.

The scale itself displays the full results and stores them if you want to sync later.

Build quality

The Greater Goods Smart Scale has been well made a good standard.

It is not yet another cheap Chinese import, the team behind the scales: Greater Goods make it part of their company ethos to create high quality products.

The scales feature a large tempered glass surface with an extra-large backlit LCD screen.

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