4 Foods That Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts

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Sodas and ice cream obviously aren’t good for weight loss, but there are some foods disguising themselves as relatively healthy that could be sabotaging your weight loss journey.

1) Fruits

Fruit is nature’s candy! But, you don’t have to just eat boring old fruit from the market stand.

You can also try out fruit snacks that have no sugar added, like natural fruit leather (think fruit roll-ups, but healthy) and dried fruit.

Freeze dried fruit is crunchy and delicious too, and it offers a healthy snacking alternative.

Who would have thought that nature’s candy would make this list?

Well, if you have any idea of the amount of sugar in fruit, you probably could have guessed.

Although an apple will beat a candy bar any day of the week thanks to its high nutritional content, you should also consider the carbs and sugars that are present in fruit, no matter how natural.

This is especially important to consider for those on a low carb diet, like the Ketogenic diet.

Fruit juices may also seem like a healthy choice, but a quick look at the Nutrition Facts will usually lead to you opting for water. Don’t drink your calories!

2) Popcorn

While popcorn is definitely one of the healthier snacks you can eat since it’s bulky yet light and tasty, you should realize that pouring on all that butter isn’t going to do your hips any favors.

The biggest thing to look out for with this favorite movie time snack is the butter, salt, and seasonings added to it.

When buying boxed, be sure to check the label.

When popping your own, measure your butter carefully and opt for a couple twists of sea salt over flavored powders.

3) Cereals

Boxed cereals are simple and tasty, but some are masquerading as much healthier than they truly are.

As always, you need to be checking the Nutrition Facts label for everything you buy off the shelf, and your favorite breakfast treat is no exception.

Most cereals have far more added sugars than you would have ever guessed, and that makes them a huge no-no for your dieting plan.

Always read the label.

Oatmeal is oftentimes the better choice, but watch for added sugars and flavors.

4) Peanut Butter

Everyone’s favorite spoonful of goodness may not be as good for you as you once thought.

While peanut butter is tasty and filling, most brands add in a bunch of sugar that makes it far from a health food.

If you want to indulge in some peanut butter, get some fresh pressed from your local market or opt for a natural, unsweetened brand.

4 Healthy Snacks to Replace Junk Food

Junk food is definitely your worst enemy when it comes to losing weight.

Choosing to eat healthy, however, can be quite difficult.

The snacks and replacement foods you choose will depend on your caloric budget, what you like to enjoy, and your macro ratios that you’re trying to hit.

However, here are four delicious healthy snack options to reach for in case your stomach is rumbling.

1) Vegetable Dips

While you may not be the biggest fan of vegetables, you can turn them into an enjoyable snack by picking out a dip that isn’t too heavy on the calories.

Be sure to check for sugars and carbs too, though!

Dip carrots, celery, and all your other favorite vegetables to enjoy a healthy snack with a bite of flavor.

Just be sure you keep a close eye on how much dip you’re eating, because it tends to be high in calories.

2) Mixed Drinks

When you have a craving for something delicious, it often is a smart idea to reach for a delicious drink over a bowl of ice cream.

Alcohol is an occasional treat that may be worth a shot, but you can also mix non-alcoholic drinks using natural fruit juices and other flavors.

While you shouldn’t get in the habit of drinking your calories, a mixed drink every so often can help you mix things up and have a good time without stressing about your weight loss goal the entire night.

3) Oatmeal

Maybe oatmeal isn’t your idea of a delicious snack, but it can actually be incredibly filling and you can dress it up with all sorts of fruits and other ingredients.

Adding in some of your favorite fruits to your bowl of oatmeal will make for a dessert-like substitute to any hungry craving, and it will most definitely fill you up!

4) Low-Carb Goodness

With the Ketogenic diet taking off, you can find plenty of low-carb (and typically low-calorie) recipes for everything from sugar-free chocolate mousse to delicious waffles and frostings.

You can create pretty much anything using almond/coconut flours and natural sweeteners, like Stevia.

These make a great occasional treat that’s a bit healthier for you than typical processed junk food.

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