Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband – The Next Generation in Activity Tracker

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Fitbit activity trackers quickly became the most popular fitness wearable out there. Since the original there have been countless reincarnations, each with new features to help you on your weight loss journey.

The newest line of Fitbits are wristbands with different levels of features. They all have the same basic features.
They all track your sleep, keep track of steps taken, tell you how many miles you’ve walked, and show the time, but the new line also has one awesome new feature never seen before in Fitbits! They also function as heart rate monitors to help you work out more effectively and keep better track of calories burned.

Most heart rate monitors require chest straps that hold a piece in place over your heart. This one doesn’t require anything like that, making it a lot more comfortable and practical to use throughout the entire day.

There are three new versions in the new activity tracker. The basic one is the Fitbit Charge which counts steps, calories burned, distance, has a clock, monitors your sleep, tells you how many minutes you were active, and syncs wirelessly with your phone but has no heart monitor. If you want the heart monitor functions you want the Fitbit Charge HR (which also offers caller ID on the wristband).

There is also a “premium” version called the Fitbit Surge which boasts all of the features of the Fitbit Charge HR but also has GPS tracking and allows you to control your music on your phone by pressing buttons on the wrist band – perfect for jogging!

Whichever you pick, an activity tracker is an awesome tool for a busy person trying to lose weight. Not only does it help you figure out exactly how much exercise you’re getting each day but when you see how many steps you’ve taken it’s easier to set goals and push yourself to do a little more. Still not quite reaching your goal? Take the stairs or walk around instead of standing still during idle wait times.

There are plenty of other activity trackers on the market but there is a reason that Fitbit stays the main name in trackers. They’re high quality, their website interface is great, and they just keep getting better. You can’t go wrong with a Fitbit! If you’re looking for a way to really take control of your weight loss, you need to know how many calories you’re burning and the Fitbit Charge HR is a great way to make sure you do.

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